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Why Using A Courier Is More Cost Effective Than Having Your Own Fleet

Courier services play an important part in the operation of many organisations and businesses who need to transport goods to different parts of the country as and when needed.

They stand out from other mail delivery services due to their speed of service, ease of use, promptness and affordability. Choosing to use a courier service over a larger company means that your business can benefit from a personalised service, in addition to the lower cost than using a smaller business can bring with it.
Here are some of the benefits of using a courier service for your delivery- including why they are more cost-effective than using your own fleet-or using larger delivery services.


Any parcels or packages you send using a courier service will be well protected, and less likely to be lost or damaged in transit between the first and last point of its journey. Most couriers tend to stay within a local geographical area, so they are likely to be trustworthy so they can keep their good reputation for excellent service within the local area.


Depending on the vehicle needed for the job, some couriers will opt to use motorcycles or bikes to complete their deliveries if they are delivering small packages or important letters. This speeds up the process, and makes it cheaper overall, due to little or no fuel costs being used to complete the job. It is in a courier’s best interest to deliver your package or letter to its destination safely, efficiently and quickly.


Due to being part of a smaller company, and often self-employed, it is easier for a courier to be prompt- and they usually are. When booked in advance, you can ask for a package or parcel to be delivered at a specific time, courier services are more likely to be able to fulfil that request.

They Are Easy to Use

Local courier services are easier to use than larger delivery services- they are more accountable and accessible to their customer base since they are notoriously easier to remain in contact with if things don’t go according to plan- unlike other services who often have to take back packages when they cannot be delivered- more hassle to the delivery person, as well as for you!

They are often more cost-effective

This is due to their lower operating costs. Courier delivery services charge less than your standard delivery service because they are cheaper to run. Like any method of business outsourcing, unless a business or service is primarily centred around that actual service, or if it is something that is used regularly, using a once in a while service is cheaper than employing people on a longer-term basis due to the nature of their services. They will charge per job, depending on the needs of that particular job, which makes the use of couriers an overall more cost-effective way to fulfil your delivery needs.

Regardless of whether you are a small or large organisation, courier services are an easy to access affordable solution for your delivery needs.

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