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Why the cheapest isn’t always the best Courier?

You need a courier and opt for the cheapest one. After all, they are all the same, and there isn’t much difference other than the price. Of course, this isn’t the case because the cost of a service isn’t always an excellent indicator of quality. Remember the saying, “you pay for what you get.” The temptation is to choose the most affordable courier service on the market, but you should think before you sign on the dotted line.

Here are the reasons why it’s essential to consider more than the price.

The Service Is Basic

Which is fine when you have the time and patience to wait for a parcel. But, things change when you are working to a deadline and need your goods delivering as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the cheapest courier company won’t be able to help due to the fact that they only have enough scope to provide standard services. When you need a package delivering the next day or to another country, you must spend a little extra to ensure it arrives on time. Not everybody can wait up to five working days for a parcel.

Your Experience Will Be Lower

As a customer, you expect a certain standard from a courier service. When the price is low and the service basic, you don’t get it very often. And, this doesn’t just mean that your parcel arrives late and incomplete. It can also refer to the process of preparing for delivery. If there isn’t a dedicated time, you may miss the shipment and have to go through the experience several more times. Plus, there is no way to estimate when the package will arrive as there isn’t a parcel tracker. Cheap is often a euphemism for more stress.

They Might Be Overcompensating

One of the main reasons a courier company opts for a low price is a lack of experience. They don’t have the same awards or accreditations as their competitors, and they need a way to stand out from the crowd. To do this, they undercut everybody else in the market and attempt to secure customers this way. While the amount you pay is important, you also must factor in experience, quality control and trustworthiness. Otherwise, you may spend more and wait longer for your valuables to arrive. A courier with an ISO 9001 is an indicator that they have an accredited Quality Control Management system.

It Could Cost You Money

Deliveries aren’t only for people who want goods on their doorstep. Small and medium-sized business owners use them for side hustle purposes and to make a little extra money. Thanks to eBay and Amazon, it’s not a difficult task to sell your clutter and supplement your income. However, you need to deliver on time or else your products won’t sell and you’ll develop a bad reputation.

A cheap courier service that cuts corners will reflect poorly on your brand and affect your bottom line. This is why it’s better to pay more – for peace of mind.

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