Why Independant Couriers Are Vital To The NHS

Independent couriers play a vital role in the continued success of the National Health Service across the United Kingdom and have been doing so for several years now.
The use of couriers supports in-house transport services and can be a quick way to respond to the exacting demands of healthcare professionals.

Couriers can be used to securely deliver and collect urgent, essential and confidential consignments throughout the country.

Why does the NHS need Courier services?

These services are vital to the success of the NHS because these fast response services can deliver items to and from; hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics, labs, pharmacies, and wholesalers.

The items they tend to deliver include:

  • Documents
  • Organs, blood and specimens
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Beds and furniture
  • Computers
  • A Fast and Confidential service

Although they don’t use the same ‘blue lights’ of the emergency services, NHS enlisted courier services are able to offer priority deliveries in response to urgent medical needs- for example, to deliver blood of a particular blood group in an emergency situation- something that could potentially save lives. They have also been known to transport organs and such like to hospitals.

Couriers are able to provide secure collections and deliveries for confidential medical notes, scans, and other confidential data across the United Kingdom.

Delivery of Medical Supplies and Hospital Equipment

Courier services will often have a large fleet of vehicles that can be used to respond in emergency situations. This goes beyond providing cars for delivering blood, but larger vehicles, too. These larger vehicles can be used to deliver vital medical equipment such as beds, medical supplies, machinery, and other medical samples which require the use of cool boxes to keep things fresh.

Benefits of Using a Courier Service Over and Ambulance Service

While many medical delivery needs are fulfilled by the emergency ambulance services, there are benefits of enlisting the use of a courier service to fulfil other requirements of the NHS.
These are:

  • It is a bookable service
  • They offer door-to-door delivery
  • 24/7 operations available
  • Insurance policies protect against any potential loss and damage
  • Specialist lifting equipment can be available to support delivery needs.

Other Benefits of Using A Courier Service for NHS needs

Many logistics services use mobile phones to communicate, as well as tracking systems to enable recipients to see where their package is going and has been.

This ensures that the requirements of the contracts are; flexible to the needs of the business, as well as being easy to administrate. The tracking system can also be used to identify where specimens, drugs and medical records to ensure that they are delivered safely to their destination. They are also a cost-effective way of fulfilling the requirements.

Using couriers within the NHS is not a new thing, they are vital to the success of its smooth running. As well as emergency situations, couriers can deliver vital training materials for staff training, which will help to ensure the continued success of the NHS in Britain.