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Why GPS parcel and driver tracking is important

Courier services across the globe have seen some pretty big changes in the way technology has changed and developed over the years. Speed Couriers were early adopters of the latest tech and we know first-hand just how important it is. This is mostly because it helps our drivers get to where they need to be and quickly, but there is so much more to it than that.

Fast track services such as same-day deliveries, overnight deliveries and international consignments are just a few examples of how the logistics sector has greatly benefited from GPS tracked parcels and drivers. These benefits come in the form of customers knowing exactly where the driver is and by proxy their parcel, lower emissions due to shorter routes being found which means less time on the roads and of course faster delivery times.

We always strive to make our award-winning services as accessible and useful as possible, which is why we always use the latest and up to date technologies.

Our tracking system makes use of GPS enabled PDAs that our drivers have with them at all times. the benefits of GPS enabled tracking systems include, but of course are not limited to:

•    Enhanced customer satisfaction

If you, for example, have an eCommerce store or otherwise deliver products or items via courier services then tracking is perfect. You can very easily track your courier’s progress; this information can then be used to resolve any customer queries and also reassure yourself that the package(s) is safely on its way.

•    Confirmation of receipt

Records of delivery and receipt are recorded and are available to all of our clients to see. Again, this information can be passed on to your own customers (very useful for 3rd party transactions and shipping) and or kept for your own records for future reference. 

•    Peace of mind

People, in general, like to know the exact progress of just about anything. For example, have you ever checked the timer on a microwave, even though you know when it is done because you will hear it? What about installation progress on a computer – have you ever placed the mouse pointer at the end of the bar so you can see if the progress meter has moved? When waiting for a delivery, it is the same situation. GPS tracked couriers and parcels give a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind that a live chat update cannot.

Speed Couriers use GPS enabled PDAs so we can track our drivers (not in a weird way, honest) and deliveries and make this data available to the people that matter – you. If your package does not get to its destination in good time, in perfect condition and secure then we have failed. This has not happened and never will. Our GPS tracking services are there for your peace of mind, your ETA notices for your own clients and to make sure our drivers can get to even the most out of the way locations.

Get in touch with us today, lets see how far we can take you.

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