What is a courier service and how can it make your life easier?

The literal definition of a courier service is:

“A Courier company is one which delivers messages, packages and mail and is known for its speed, security, tracking service and specialisation.”

So there you have it… Just kidding. Courier services were created to provide a more secure, and a faster, alternative to regular mail services. For a long time, the ‘regular’ mail was the only way to send a package or important documents, unless you had your own vehicle or you paid someone to take it for you that was ‘going that way’ anyway.

Traditional mail services, like Royal Mail, are very reliable but they are known for the occasional damaged or even missing item – as rare as this may be. In fairness, they handle millions of items a day so hiccups are expected. When something absolutely has to be somewhere quickly and securely, traditional mail probably isn’t the way to go – especially if that something is particularly expensive.

The benefits of a courier service

Courier services have gained popularity over the last few years, especially now with the ever-expanding gig economy. Why are people choosing couriers over regular mail? It is mostly due to the services that are on offer:

  • Delivery of large and heavy items
  • Safely and Securely transported
  • Signature required delivery for important items
  • Next day delivery
  • Ability to track your delivery

Courier services, like Speed Couriers, are perfect for those that work from home making items that have to be shipped, or have important documents that need to be somewhere quickly and securely.

In the gig economy, home workers often rely on courier services to ensure that just because they are not in an office their ability to smash deadlines and get product or documents out are not interfered with. Homeworking is often essential for those with children or they live a sizeable distance from the office. Courier services can make their lives so much easier in getting products, documents and important packages from point A  to point B safely and quickly.

The rising popularity of courier services

With courier services on the rise in popularity, for all of the reasons and above, individual companies are pulling out the stops to satisfy both demand and expectations. Speed Couriers though have been consistently raising the bar for years, and not just for ourselves. Other courier companies look at us and see areas of their own business can improve, leading them to follow our lead.

It’s rather flattering, actually, and we take it seriously too. We are constantly looking at ways that we can improve our services. More and more organisations and individuals are relying on couriers to get their packages delivered, and more and more are coming to the realisation that Speed Couriers are the couriers for them.

Based in the North West but serving the whole country, Speed Couriers are here no matter your individual needs. Get in touch today, and let’s see how we can help you.