UK MoT Rates Revealed

Has your car reached its 3rd birthday? If so then it is time to be taking your car for a Ministry Of Transport Test (MoT). Car management site “Automyze” reveals data taken from one million MoT records that are both UK registered and AA members. It shows more than half the cars in Dundee were deemed unfit for the road, making Dundee the city with the highest national failure rate. Seven out of twenty towns listed amongst the lowest pass rates were located in Scotland. Approximately half the cars in Aberdeen and Perth were unable to hit MoT standards.

The Isle of Man claimed the highest MoT pass rate in the UK with a respectable 72% first time passes. Also highlighted within the best pass rates percentages were the London boroughs Croydon and Sutton with overall passes standing at over 62%.

Why are some failure rates so high? The reasons fall down to simple but often unnoticed errors such as empty windscreen washer bottles. According to the Driver Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA) in charge of administering MoT tests, many failures such as these are preventable. Lucy Burnford, director of Automyze, stated: “there could be a number of reasons why MoT failure rates are higher in Dundee from the length of time people own their cars for to the types of vehicles they own.” She suggested basic vehicle checks could lead to a dip in future MoT failure statistics.

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