Top Tips for Driving in the Rain

Recently the weather hasn’t been great and we’re still a good couple of months off away from summer, so it seems like we’re stuck with the rain for now.

While driving in light to moderate rain is commonplace in the UK, heavy rain can make driving somewhat more problematic. Bringing issues such as increased stopping distances and reduced visibility, heavy rain can make driving extremely uncomfortable for some.

We’ve put together this handy collection of tips and tricks for those who don’t like driving in the rain, hopefully ensuring their watery journeys are safer in the future!


It’s becoming more and more of a necessity to drive no with your headlights on all of the time, but it is especially important to have them on when the rain hits.

If the rain and wind becomes very heavy, having headlights on will improve your visibility from two perspectives, meaning you will be able to see further in front of your car, and other motorists will have more awareness of the positioning of your vehicle.

Cruise Control

Under no circumstances should you use cruise control in rainy conditions.

The car’s inability to differentiate the loss of traction from heavy rain from the slowing of the car may cause the vehicle to increase speed, unexpectedly putting you in a more hazardous situation.


By maintaining a reduced, steady speed during your journey you are much more likely to stay in full control of your car and notice oncoming hazards in good time. Maintain a ‘six car length’ gap at the very least from the vehicle in front to further increase the distance you have to slow or stop.

Tyre Tread

Regularly checking your tyres to ensure they maintain a tread depth of at least 1.6mm (required by law) will ensure that not only is your vehicle road-legal, but you will also have much more control and grip in extremely rainy conditions.

If you find your car has less than the required 1.6mm on a tyre, it is wise to have your vehicle booked in for a replacement tyre and avoid driving the vehicle until then.