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Top 5 Reasons to Trust a Courier to Deliver on Time

It’s a big deal handing over something of importance or value to a courier. You are trusting that person to get your item from A-B, in perfect condition and on time. Couriers are experts in their field and know how to ensure your item, no matter the cost, is taken care of and valued. Nowadays there is no time to wait around for parcels to take days to arrive and luckily there are fast, quality, and secure services available to get your package to its destination just 24 hours or even less.
Let’s look at 5 key reasons why you should trust a courier service to deliver on time.

  1. Speed

One of the main stand out advantages of couriers is the speed. They are dedicated to delivering your item and some even offer same day delivery options. The processing speed is quick and easy because drivers will come to collect a package in person. This differs from the postal service, for example, which has hundreds even thousands of parcels to handle. Same day courier services work with a much smaller number of items, giving them the focus on getting the job done for you. Couriers are the experts and can be trusted to be quick and effective, even if it’s an urgent delivery or last minute rush.


  1. Security

With a trusted courier you are massively reducing the chance of your item going missing. Logistically a courier will often have one employee who will handle your parcel from pick up to drop off. This differs greatly from other delivery options as a parcel will often be handled by many people greatly increasing the change of loss or damage. Speed offers transit insurance up to £10,000 which also gives you the peace of mind your item is well protected.


  1. Trusted by medical professionals

In the healthcare sector there is little room for error. A mistake or bit of poor planning can have dire consequences. Medical professionals are looking more to couriers due to the speed and safety. Sending specimens, samples and documents is an integral way for medics to analyse and understand data that can save lives. Blood courier services really can be the difference between life and death in a crisis.
If you would like to learn more about medical and healthcare specific courier services, you can find them here.


  1. Prepared to journey at night

A standard postal service clocks off at 5pm. You can trust that same day couriers will be prepared to drive through the night to ensure your parcel arrives on time. The best courier services fit their drivers’ vehicles with trackers so you can see exactly where your delivery is and what time it will arrive. Overnight parcel couriers are dedicated professionals who you can trust to get your parcel to you on time.



  1. Trusted tech

Technology plays a key role in the effectiveness of couriers and how they operate. From the detailed car tracking systems spoken about above to -25-degree refrigeration available for medical samples and specimens. You can trust that your package will be kept at the right temperature and arrive in tip top condition. At Speed all our drivers have medical training and know how to handle even the most sensitive of deliveries.


If you want to learn more about same day couriers or have something you need to send urgently, get in touch with us. With a fleet of over 60 vehicles, we have nationwide coverage with a guaranteed 24-hour delivery.

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