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The iconic reign of legendary vans.

Owning a van can be majorly beneficial whether it is for business or recreational purposes. We present the quintessence of vans, past and present.

Volkswagen camper van:

In 1947 a legend in the motoring world was born that has become the epitome of both culture and endurance. For many these vans encapsulate nostalgia and combined with their unique exterior impressions popularity has far from dwindled for this now retired van. Modification is no stranger to the VW camper van. Seasoned campers, car lovers and owners alike recognise the desire to put a personal stamp on them visually and mechanically. Whether it be restoring the van to its former assembly line state or a complete revamp examples of distinctive vans are not a rarity, even if the original split screen version of the car itself is. In Brazil especially, where it had been mass produced for 54 years the camper van has been used for couriering goods becoming an essential aspect of family life and industry.

Transit vans:

An economic asset and the go to for delivery services. The Ford transit van first hit the car dealerships in 1965 and soon became the best selling light commercial vehicle in Europe; holding the title comfortably for a total of 40 years. Proving perfect for businesses and families that require proficient room and manoeuvrability without always requiring a full size cargo van. With a multitude of wheelbase sizes available and ample roof heights adjusting space to suit cargo requirements can be met with ease. A transit can also become an advantageous form of promotion for your business. Many companies  their logo and details on these vans, which is a less invasive method of advertising.


Don’t fear these motoring gems because of the handful of films that present the crisis of a holiday metamorphosing into a real nightmare. In fact, “Caravan Clubs” reaches members all across the globe. For many these vans make holidays a possibility and are loved, come rain or shine. A home on wheels is somewhat of an understatement in the motoring world today. Caravans can be equipped with flat screen televisions, showers, an entire kitchen and the limits of upholstery and décor seemingly has no bounds. It comes as no shock that thousands of caravan owners call them their actual home. Owning a caravan also increases spontaneity as reaching any location is made possible with the many designated coastal sites reserved solely for caravan owners.

Pick up trucks:

Evoking thoughts of a long, serene drives there is much more than what first meets the eye with this type of van. It also cements itself onto the list of motoring icons. Sitting higher than most other types of car, a sufficient view of the road is visible meaning that the pick up is a safe route to opt for without sacrificing the amount cargo that can be carried. A strong, full frame means that the pick up is destined to reach places and terrain that others cannot. However, it’s not all rough and tumble, many pick up vans reveal a luxurious interior with some containing seats that could be mistaken for cushions.

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