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The evolution of transport.

Predating all modes of transport we would have had to rely on our own two feet to get us by. Today we are met with countless news reports attempting encourage us all to use them a little more often. But, with a multitude of transport options to now choose from, how did the advances occur to reveal the stark difference between models of past and present? Before we reach the heights of concept cars and supersonic planes equipped with turbo jets, we will be deconstructing design to highlight their fundamental attributes.

The starting point

Horses, camels and donkeys were domesticated for the purpose of transport from around 3000BC and became majorly important for not only individuals but for the entire economy. The roles that they undertook included the likes of ploughing and carrying goods from town to town, which proved vital for their owners. Next, the wheel. The first example of wheels originated in Mesopotamia, Iraq in approximately 3500BC. Providing that the ends of the axels did not generate a large amount of friction, the wheel was a stroke of genius. It took a while however for this creation to revolutionise the realm of transport, during this period they were primarily used for pottery, hundreds of years passed before they found themselves attached to carts with the use of animals continuing to be crucial.


For those that lived near to water it would be natural to think of ways to make the most of their environment. It has been difficult to pinpoint when the first boat was built, some have speculated that it may have happened accidently. Conceivably beginning as simple dug-outs the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations are well known for their use of their surroundings not only to provide necessities such as food but also their tendency to travel across the River Nile. These boats are a far cry to what we commonly see now, throughout the first half of the 20th century luxury options like yachts and hydrofoil boats became accessible with continual developments were made in terms of the materials used during construction.


Leonardo Da Vinci’s seeking to emulate the flight of birds with his “flying machine” sketches provide insights that spark the idea of humans in flight. It took approximately 400 years after his death for his visions to be realised. Attempts before were mainly balloons, which were trailed to carry mail to different places. The Wright Brothers were the first to successfully create an operational aircraft leading to a myriad of inventors following suit. Today planes can break the sound barrier and even take a double decker form seating hundreds of people.


From wheels to automobiles. Although the American company Ford established itself as industry giant following the mass production of the model T it was Francois Isaac de Rivaz who became the first to transfer blueprints to reality in 1807. Karl Benz closely followed him in 1886 after inventing the first petrol or gasoline automobile. Cars are currently used for a multitude of purposes likewise to bikes, boats and planes. For example, racing, driving as a part of daily routines and allowing couriering services such as us to flourish.

In the same way that transport services are continuously being improved this can only mean better things for couriering services. For more information on delivery services please get in touch.

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