The Dangers of Dehydration whilst Driving

It is starting to get warmer which means that dehydration is a lot more common. When it gets warm, we tend to lose a lot more water from our bodies because we are sweating more. However, many people tend to steer clear from drinking water before they drive in fear that their journey will be hindered if bathroom stops are made. 

Being thirsty whilst driving is a lot more serious than what you might think. In today’s article, we will be explaining why it is imperative to stay hydrated before and during a journey.

The effects

The average person needs to drink 2 litres of water a day. A lack of hydration can lead to a whole host of problems for your body. The first is that your reaction times can become impaired. This can lead to you not staying in your own lane, breaking early or without reason, and you can lose awareness of other drivers.  

The signs

One of the most obvious signs that you are dehydrated is your mouth becoming parched. With that said, not all of the signs are as clear.  

Here are some ways your body could be telling you that you’re dehydrated: 

  • A dry, papery mouth and tongue  
  • Cramping in muscles  
  • Feeling fatigued 
  • A dull headache, often described as a “fuzzy” feeling 
  • A slump in your mood 
  • Dark and cloudy urine  

The solutions

Drinking plenty of water can be forgotten. Especially considering many people lead busy lifestyles. But staying hydrated doesn’t have to be seen as a chore. Follow our tips to ensure that every time you brace the roads, you’re fully ready.  

  • Try to drink water before getting into your car 
  • Make sure you always have a few bottles of water in your vehicle  
  • Ensure that you can stop for bathroom breaks when necessary  

When you have a long journey planned or work on the road staying hydrated can definitely be a challenge, but it is very important. How do you stay hydrated whilst on the road? Feel free to share your advice in our comment section.