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The Best Ways to Deal with Road Rage

There seems to be something about operating a vehicle that can bring out the absolute worst in people.  At some point there is a very strong chance that you have encountered a form of road rage, even if you are just an innocent passenger caught in the middle of things.

In our world of never-ending stressors and constant day-to-day challenges staying calm behind the wheel does not seem like it should be a top priority. However, if the highways, byways and inner-city roadways losing your temper could have severe consequences.

How to handle road rage

Road rage can have various forms such as overuse of a car horn and making inappropriate gestures (which could lead to a £1000 fine) at other drivers. However, violence originating from road rage incidents has also increased. If others cannot control their behaviour it is up to us how we respond to it. So, what are the best ways to respond to road rage?

  • Do not antagonise the situation even if it seems tempting.
  • Don’t be provoked into endangering yourself and others as that can have serious consequences.
  • Be the bigger person, try to be civil and move on. If the other person insists on trying to continue trouble it is best to simply ignore them and hopefully this causes them to give up.
  • Do you have a dashboard camera in your car? If you have concerns about being on the receiving end of another driver’s bad behaviour, a dash cam can provide evidence should things go too far.

How to overcome road rage

It is safe to say that those who spend more time on the roads are more likely to become annoyed should any issues arise. This can be a big problem if you’re representing a company i.e you’re a courier or a handy man. Your employers reputation is on the line so it is very important that you remain calm and collected no matter what is thrown your way.

Things to consider

  • Be sure to know how to reach your destination in advance and give yourself plenty of time to find your bearings. 
  • Make sure to rest well before taking to the road. If you’re tired, you’re more likely to reach become agitated.
  • Check traffic updates prior to your journey so you can try and avoid the hassle.


The next time you’re driving focus on the important things and keep yourself and others safe.

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