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Strangest Places Where Parcels Have Been Left

We all know that feeling when you’ve ordered something for delivery and you’re waiting patiently for it to arrive. It can often feel like you’re just sat staring at the door waiting for the bell to ring. Because of this, there are few things more frustrating than realising that you’ve missed the postman. Whether you had to pop out for something at the worst time or you missed the doorbell and they decided to turn and run away at full speed rather than ringing it again, we’ve all been in a position where a parcel has been left somewhere. Now most of the time, a parcel delivery is left somewhere normal like in the post box or with a neighbour. However, sometimes whoever is delivering your parcel decides that those choices would just be far too simple. Here are some of the strangest places parcels have been left.

Under the car

Now, if there’s one thing most of us would want from anyone leaving a parcel when there’s no one around to collect it, it’s that we’d want it to be hidden and protected from the elements. No one wants their parcel ruined because it started raining. However, there have to be better places than under the car in the driveway. For one thing, having to get on all fours to drag the thing out from under the car is hardly anyone’s ideal situation. Not only that but there’s the risk of driving over it when you pull out of the drive.

In the bin

Again, technically speaking this does fit the requirements of both hidden and protected. However, most people would accept that they don’t really approve of the trade-off made by leaving a potentially precious piece of cargo in the bin. Awaiting customers have had parcels left in their general waste bin, their garden bin, and even their food waste bin. Few things take the thrill out of a delivery than having to pick off chunks of elderly potato peel.

On the roof

Listen, none of us want to risk our parcels being stolen but there has to be a better way to prevent that from happening than by just chucking it up onto the room. No one wants to have to get the ladder out just to retrieve their partner’s birthday present. Not to mention that the power it took to get the thing up there likely left it in a pretty sorry state.

Under the doormat

Now, this might not seem like that much of an issue if the parcel in question is pretty flat. But multiple people have found large packages left on the doorstep with the mat draped over them like whoever delivered it thought that it needed a stylish headpiece. Sure, it might protect from a light drizzle but that’s about it.

Now, let’s be fair to the people who deliver our parcels, most of the time they’re left in eminently sensible places and these kinds of things are definitely the exceptions to the rule. However, sometimes it’s fun just to celebrate those people who are willing to go the extra mile and be a little more creative with where they choose to leave your parcel.

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