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Starting an e-commerce business next year?

So you’ve decided to start your e-commerce business but with so many avenues to take, you’re not sure where to start. Before setting up any business, there are key points to consider and put into practice to ensure that your online business is safe, secure and beneficial for both yourself and your customers. Whether you’re looking for a partnership with a courier service or advice about packaging, we can give you some tips on how to make your online business as successful as ever.

Packaging and sending goods

When sending goods through a courier service, it is essential that the item is packaged correctly and securely as the courier cannot tell if the item is potentially dangerous or fragile unless you notify them prior to sending. Another important factor to remember when packaging goods is the type of packaging that you decide to use. Fragile items need special packaging and extra care when being sent through courier services.

Develop partnerships

No business becomes successful straight away on its own, so to ensure that your business is on a journey to success, build partnerships with bigger firms to get your business name and brand into the world of online shopping. You may want to help other partnerships with smaller businesses like yourself to begin with as this will build your chances of being noticed earlier on. E-commerce businesses will always need to send out goods by mail or courier and it is important to establish a good rapport with a certain courier service that can be trusted to bring a good, reliable service to both you and your customers. Creating a routine with your courier can also keep costs lower and make life easier, as it will be a simpler process if both you and your courier can follow a pre-planned set of events.

Website design

There are so many online businesses out there these days, so how can you ensure that customers will notice yours? If you’re not using Etsy, eBay or Amazon then a key part in making your business unique is to make the site you are using to sell your products appealing, but most importantly different.

Don’t use non-original content – design your own look for your website as you want it to make a good impression. This will show buyers your uniqueness. Taking things from other online shopping websites will not portray the originality of your business as it will not stand out as different from the others.

Additionally make your writing clear and bold. There’s little point in displaying information if no one can read it – so it’s essential that the information you provide for your customers is easy to read and engaging as people can become bored very quickly and often simply want to buy your product or learn more about it.

Take the opportunity

Whilst you are building your business, try to take all the opportunities you can as you never know if they will get you on the e-commerce map quicker!


If you’re starting an e-commerce business or are already set up and need advice on how to run a successful online shopping site with the help of a reliable courier service, or would like more information on partnerships, give us a call or drop us an email today.

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