Speeding Fines Increase

Recently, harsher punishments for those caught using a mobile device behind the wheel were made public. However, this isn’t the only change that UK drivers should be expecting this year. The rules on speeding fines will be changing next month.

The new guidelines reveal that individuals caught speeding could face penalties of over one and a half times their weekly wage. Currently, the minimum fine in the UK stands at £100 with the possibility of 3 penalty points being added to the offender’s license. The maximum fine is £1,000 and £2,500 for motorway offences alone. Whilst the maximum fine will stay the same there will be more drivers facing this after April 24th. Speeders could also be banned from driving for 56 days and face 6 penalty points on their licence.

The following speeds will now attract greater fines:

Image: Sentencing Council

Sentencing guidelines are set out in the table above. Magistrates will have more power to determine a punishment dealt based on ‘aggravating factors’ such as prior crime and weather conditions.

The recent changes are designed to make our roads safer. Far too many people have taken chances to get somewhere a little bit faster without factoring in the consequences of their actions. The Sentencing Council introduced the change because it felt the current punishments do not reflect the ‘potential harm’ that speeding can do.

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