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Speed Couriers: Prioritising Mental Health Every Day

10th October means that it’s World Mental Health Day. And it’s a day that serves as a timely reminder to reflect on the importance of mental well-being. 

At Speed Couriers, it goes further than a single awareness day; it’s a commitment of their company culture. They believe in providing not only first-class courier services to customers, but also unwavering support for a dedicated workforce, and valuing their work-life balance and mental health above all else.

Connecting with colleagues every day

“I’m acutely aware of the significance of mental health in the workplace”, said Carl Truscott, Managing Director of Speed Couriers. “I’ve personally tackled some mental health challenges, and I understand how easily they can arise within the professional environment. And that’s one of the reasons we prioritise mental health awareness every day.”

Speed Couriers are renowned for their dedication to same-day deliveries and also offer a specialised medical courier service. While these services are crucial, they also bring added pressure to drivers’ roles. This underscores their responsibility to ensure their employees’ well-being.

“Our approach is simple yet effective” Carl said. “We take the time to connect with our colleagues every day. We genuinely care about their lives outside of work, and we want to ensure their happiness within it too. By having this kind of relationship with our staff, we become attuned to any signs of where something might not quite be right for our colleagues and try to seek out where they might need additional support. We’re always ready to provide it, and I think we’ve created an environment where our colleagues feel confident sharing their concerns and issues openly and honestly. That’s something that every company should have in the modern age.”

Not just a gesture

The pride that Speed Couriers take in their workforce is reflected in the allegiance of their employees. Some of their drivers have been with Speed for over three decades, and many have celebrated their 10 and 20-year milestones with the firm. It’s an unwavering loyalty which says that the company are doing something right.  It’s a place where employees are more than just cogs in the machine; they are family.

Carl added: “We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of our staff at Speed Couriers, and as a standard we look to alleviate stressors in their lives. We maintain a fair and flexible approach when it comes to family life and personal health, and we want our team to know they can approach us for assistance when they need it. But we’ll look out for it too. We’ll go to great lengths to support and help them”. 

He continued, “Recently, one of our team members faced a significant challenge with cancer and I can’t imagine what they and their family were going through. But it was a no brainer that their health and well-being was the priority, and they were granted as much time away from work as needed without any financial concerns. We think that helped with any practical worries they may have had. Then, when they were ready to return, we reintegrated them into the workforce at their own pace, with the full support of our entire team.”

Prioritising mental health awareness in the workplace is not just a gesture; it’s a necessity. And like Speed Couriers do on a daily basis, recognising and supporting mental well-being not only enhances employee satisfaction but also makes for a thriving, efficient, and happy work environment.

World Mental Health Day is reflected on across the globe on 10th October every year. 

If you’ve found this page when searching for help, please try to reach out to someone and talk. Visit the Mental Health Foundation who provide advice on choosing someone you trust to talk to, thinking about the best place to talk, and preparing for their response.

Alternatively, please click through to the following organisations who are there to help:

Andy’s Man Club

The Samaritans

Mental Health UK

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