Smart Traffic Lights Trailed in the UK

Highways England has announced that smart traffic lights are going to be trialed on British roads. Smart traffic lights are said to stop-go driving and will always turn green. They are supposed to inform motorists of the speed they should drive at in order to arrive at the next set of lights when they turn green.

The concept is one of five shortlisted entries into a competition hosted by the National Roads Commission (NIC), Highways England and Innovate UK to create roads for driverless cars.

The scheme has been designed by engineering firm AECOM with the aim of reducing pollution through more efficient driving. The scheme is now set to be tested using a simulation model of the A59 in York.

This technology should start working by September this year. The scheme, developed by Vivacity Labs, would help traffic lights prioritise ambulances, buses and cyclists and improve traffic by being able to react to the volume of vehicles passing through the lights.

Smart traffic signal benefits

Provide a faster commute during rush hour travel times.

May reduce accidents and make the streets safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Provides real time data on travel times to determine if inefficiencies exist and where improvements could be made.

Reduce air pollutants in congested city streets.

Would you like to see smart traffic signals in Manchester?