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Sending something spooky?

Halloween has become a seasonal trick or treat for many of us over the years, and now we celebrate it by dressing up the kids in scary outfits, sending them out to annoy the neighbours for a few hours and enjoying some tasty Halloween-themed treats. But Halloween has its roots in something altogether more sinister – and it’s not just on October the 31st that people send some rather questionable objects via courier. In honour of this horrible holiday, here we take a look at the weird and wonderfully strange things that have been found in parcels all year round which are probably more suitable for Halloween.

Stag do

The skull of a stag was once sent via courier by a naturalist in the Highlands of Scotland to a colleague. Fairly normal, some might say – but the item turned up for shipping without packaging, with the address of where it was to be sent neatly written on the skull itself in permanent marker.

Wrong footing

This weirdly shaped package was being transported to an antiques shop but came to the courier’s attention by its sheer size and unusual shape. Upon checking the contents staff were understandably curious and a little perturbed to find the foot had been fashioned into a rather unsavoury umbrella stand.

Absolutely legless

It might not be amongst the most unusual packages ever to be sent via courier – but the way in which this prosthetic leg was presented certainly startled unassuming staff at a depot in America. The leg needed some adjustments making to it and was to be sent to be repaired – however when the gentleman arrived at the warehouse, he was still wearing the limb which he promptly detached and handed over to bemused (and slightly shocked) staff.

Something’s fishy

Occasionally packages arrive for shipping that have a strange shape or feel – but one in particular caught the attention of the staff at a courier warehouse in Scotland. This time it was more to do with the unsavoury smell that emanated from the package and this prompted the staff to take a look inside. They found a large dead salmon which was on its way from a keen angler, who being extremely proud of the prize fish he had caught decided to send it to his friend in London. His friend would probably not have thanked him, but of course the package never arrived!

So whatever you’re thinking of sending always check with us first so we don’t get any surprises before or during transportation. For more information visit our Services page.

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