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Securing Heavy Packages To Prevent Damage

Whether you’re sending items you’ve sold on Ebay or are transporting any goods or products, securing packages will help prevent damage to the items you post. This not only means using a reliable courier service like Speed Courier Services, it also means securing the package yourself.

Use reliable packing materials, include void fill materials like bubble wrap, and always use parcel tape because it is stronger and harder wearing than standard tape. Damaged goods cost money and reputation, even if you replace them quickly and offer some form of discount.

In this modern age of social media and reviews, it is very easy for your reputation to suffer, and the quality of your packaging is the first experience that recipients have with your product.

Use New Boxes

Cardboard boxes are easily damaged. Use double-walled boxes for all but the lightest of products, because these have greater structural integrity. Always use new boxes, too, because slight damage to a corner or to one of the walls can easily be exacerbated.

If you do reuse boxes, ensure that old labels are covered properly.

If you’re reusing boxes to minimise your impact on the environment, consider buying recycled boxes. There are plenty of box options out there. Ensure that you choose an appropriately sized box. If you use one that is too small, the items won’t fit and will cause bulging. If the box is too large, you will have to fill it with more void packaging, and the item inside will still roll around and potentially become damaged.

Avoid Bags Except As Outer Packaging

Bags are soft and provide little to no protection. You can use vinyl bags and even Jiffy bags as outer packaging, because they are flexible and convenient, but these shouldn’t be used as inner packaging because they simply won’t offer the level of protection that you require. Cloth bags may look great but they offer no protection to the contents.

Pack It With Bubble Wrap Or Other Void Fill Materials

No matter how snugly the content of the box fits, you should always pad it out with bubble wrap or some other form of void fill material. These provide cushioning around your items. The materials will help prevent items from moving around inside the box, and if there is any movement, the void material will act as a buffer and prevent physical shock to the items.

This type of packaging is especially important for fragile items; when securing packages that are fragile, place the item in the centre of the box and pack with bubble wrap all around the item.

Use Proper Parcel Tape

Having put so much effort into getting the right box and packing it with the best void fill material, don’t scrimp on the tape. Household Sellotape will not hold larger boxes closed, and even the outward force of the box is enough to break household tape.

Parcel tape is much stronger, will usually only require a single layer of the tape compared to the multiple layers of household tape, and it provides you with peace of mind that your package will be delivered intact.

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