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Refund Policy

Speed Couriers Northern Ltd – Refund Policy for Online Bookings & Credit Card bookings

Online Bookings

We work hard to ensure all our clients receive the very highest levels of customer service; our intention is to provide complete satisfaction with our same day courier and overnight / International parcel services.

Occasionally things do not go exactly to plan and so we feel the very best way to ensure that clients are 100% satisfied with our service, is to be clear about what we will and will not do…

We will use reasonable endeavours to collect consignments within the stated time frame, however, we will not be liable for any loss or expenses you may suffer if the consignment is not collected on time. Should an exact collection time be required, please telephone the office once booked to discuss with our operations team.

We may on occasions refuse to accept a consignment for delivery, or any part of it should it be in- sufficiently packed, already damaged but not documented or deemed unsuitable for travel in the interest of the client and for the safety of the driver. We may also inspect a consignment, for example to check for dangerous goods.

It is important that the appropriate size of vehicle to make a courier delivery is selected; too large or too small, additional costs could be incurred. For further assistance on choosing the correct vehicle please visit our fleet page (Vehicle fleet size guide). Should additional guidance be required on suitability of a vehicle please call the office to discuss. Vehicles booked and found to be too small on arrival at the collection point this will be deemed a situation out of our control and the cancellation and refund procedure shall apply.

Should there be a request to sign for acknowledgement of collection, that signature will not be regarded as evidence of the condition of the goods. Any waiting or loading / un-loading that exceeds 10 minutes at either the collection address or delivery address, we may charge an additional amount, this being our standard hourly rate of the vehicle in question.

We will make one attempt to deliver consignments, however if we cannot complete this, we will provide the option to either make a second attempt, deliver to an alternative address provided by the client, or return the consignment to the collection address (see cancellations below). In these circumstances we will always contact the client to agree the best option.

We will take all reasonable steps to obtain a proof of delivery at the time of delivery. That proof of delivery will be conclusive evidence that the consignment was delivered complete and in good order, unless the consignee marks otherwise at the time of delivery. We will not be liable for any loss or mis-delivery where delivery has been made in good faith to a person claiming to be the consignee, or an employee, subcontractor, or agent of the consignee.

The proof of delivery may be either in electronic format or hard copy paper format. We will only retain original hard copy proofs of delivery obtained by us and/or any other associated documentation relating to deliveries for a minimum period of six months from the date of collection. After that we may destroy these items without any reference or obligation to you.

There are certain items we cannot accept liability for on any of our services. These include cash, notes, money orders, vouchers, credit cards, stamps, deeds, passports, tickets, travellers’ cheques, jewellery, precious stones, watches, precious metals, works of art, antiques, china, glass, living creatures and any other similar valuable articles.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage to any consignment that cannot be carried within lockable equipment normally provided on the vehicle ordered. For example, if a motorcycle is booked to make a delivery and the consignment is too big to fit in its carrying equipment, we may be able to carry it (providing it is safe to do so), but will not be liable for any loss or damage to that consignment.

We will not be liable for any consequential or economic loss or damage suffered by clients or any third party. Our liability is strictly limited to the cost of replacement of, or repair to, the goods sent in the consignment, subject to limits and conditions given below.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage to the consignment, or any delay or mis-delivery if the cause was any of the following:-

  1. War, terrorism, riot, strike, lockout, or any similar action.
  2. Natural disasters such as flooding, poor or extreme weather conditions.
  3. The consignment being seized or detained by any public authority.
  4. Incorrect or insufficient address given on the consignment note or manifest. This includes any omission or ambiguity of information provided to us.
  5. Incorrect or insufficient packaging of the consignment.
  6. Natural wastage of a perishable or fragile consignment.
  7. Traffic congestion or delay.
  8. Any other event reasonable beyond our control.

If the loss or damage is found to be as a result of speed couriers actions, then our liability to the client is limited as follows:-

  1. Up to £10,000 per vehicle for same day delivery.
  2. Up to £100 per consignment for next day delivery.
  3. Up to £100 per consignment for international delivery.

Should these limits not be a sufficient level, we can provide extra insurance cover on individual consignments for an additional charge.

If we are to consider any claim for non-delivery, late delivery, or loss or damage to the consignment, we must be notified in writing within 7 days of delivery for any shortage or damage, and within 14 days for any loss. We will be entitled to ask for written evidence to establish the value of the loss or damage (for example, a copy invoice from a supplier). We may also ask for an estimate to repair items should that be appropriate.

Should a booking need to be cancelled please contact us on 0161 877 2000 at the earliest opportunity or email our operations team on If an email is sent please ensure this is backed up by a telephone call to confirm receipt.

Refunds may be entitled as per below:-

Cancelled Bookings

  • If the vehicle has not left our Operating Centre at the point of cancellation, a full refund will be processed.
  • If the vehicle has left the Operating Centre and is on route to the collection point a charge will be made commensurate with the time spent and distance travelled up to the point of cancellation. This charge will be subject to the vehicles minimum charge value.
  • If the vehicle attends the collection point and is unable to make the collection, for any reason outside of our control, a charge will be made commensurate with the time spent and distance travelled up to that point. This charge will be subject to the vehicles minimum charge value.
  • Once the collection has been made and the vehicle is on route, if the delivery is then cancelled, a charge will be made commensurate with the time spent and distance travelled to return the items to the collection point. This charge will be subject to the vehicles minimum charge value.


Credit Card

All work is undertaken in accordance with Speed Couriers Northern Ltd published terms and conditions. These can be seen at

By making any booking with us either online, over the phone, or by e-mail you are explicitly agreeing to trading terms and conditions. Please be aware that we offer no liability for consequential loss and it is assumed that all goods carried are securely packaged by you to ensure no damage during transit, have no transferable value and are of low value (less than £100). Liability and restrictions are as per internet bookings above.

Should we decline a particular booking once made for any reason, a full refund will be made to the same card that you made payment on within 7 working days of the original order.

A refund will not be due if we are unable to undertake your booking. For example if we are unable to collect the goods due to an incorrect address, insufficient detail, or no one to collect the goods from. Should a specific time for collection be requested we will make best efforts to meet these times including any delivery deadlines. Should we be unable to match any of these, a refund will not be offered as payment is for the service provided irrespective of the timing of that service.

Should we be unable to deliver your consignment we will contact you by phone to ask for further instructions. If this means we have to deliver to an alternative address, if the driver has to wait to complete a delivery for more than 10 minutes, or if we incur any further operational costs including but not limited to staff costs, supplier costs, tolls, fees, time or mileage, we reserve the right to levy further charges to your original card in line with our standard rates for this work. Surcharges apply for any work undertaken outside of normal working hours (08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday inclusive excluding bank holidays).

For any case a delivery can not be made and we have no special instructions to leave safely or to post we will return the goods to our operations centre for security and safety. We would not attempt a re-delivery until we have contacted you to agree new delivery instructions and process the payment for the additional costs incurred at agreed standard charge. Should we be unable to contact we will hold the goods safely for a period of 14 days. At this time we will endeavour to contact you a final time before we destroy or dispose of the goods. Under these circumstances we will be unable to offer any  compensation for the goods, any consequential loss, or any refund for the original service we provided.

Speed Couriers Northern Ltd will not offer any refunds and accepts no liability resulting from the theft or misuse of your card, your card details, or any other personal information which we may be privy to during or after the service is ordered or supplied.

VAT is charged at the government specified prevailing rate.

Nothing within this Refund Policy amends, modifies, adapts or otherwise changes, or provides a derogation from our full Terms and Conditions of Business which should be read in conjunction with this information.

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