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Protecting goods during cold weather

Whilst so far we have experienced a mild winter in terms of temperature here in the UK, cold snaps can occur at any time, making sending and receiving post and parcels a little bit trickier. Recent storms and floods have certainly made postal and courier service operation in affected areas almost impossible – and with this comes delayed goods, shortages of food and supplies and issues with the delivery of vital resources and medicines.

Whatever the weather may be, it’s mandatory that certain precautions are to be taken for different types of goods. With unpredictable weather an issue annually at this time of year, many packages have a potential danger of becoming inoperative, broken or even dangerous when subjected to certain temperatures if they are not looked after properly – and it is crucial to know what you are dealing with when sending goods through a courier in extreme weather conditions as suitable packaging and precautions need to be taken to ensure your goods are delivered safely. From a buyer perspective it’s also important that you choose a reputable courier with specific experience in all weathers such as ourselves – who can also guide and advise you when it comes to packaging and securing your items. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the most common types of parcels which can become unstable or spoiled during winter months – and handy advice to help you to prevent this from happening to yours.

Liquids (including beverages, liquid makeup, ink, perfumes)

Liquid goods are common, but they’re often delicate items (owing to their packaging in glass), meaning there is a greater risk of liquids freezing or premature leakage. To guarantee safe transportation whatever the weather, liquid goods should be packaged properly using temperature controlled packaging and, in case of leakage, an absorbent material such as towels or wood shavings can be used to encase the goods. Another possible issue for liquid goods is exposure to heat, as this can cause welding of plastic containers or it could ruin the liquids contained inside. If heat is a possible danger to your liquid goods, you may want to include a polystyrene cover to encase your liquid goods as this will keep any heat out and insulate cooler air.

Gases (including filled lighters and deodorants)

Sending gas filled goods through a courier service can be potentially hazardous and so specific precautions will always be taken without exception. Gas filled goods have an explosive potential when left in direct heat or sunlight, which could be both dangerous and disastrous to the courier and to your package. As with liquid goods, using temperature controlled packaging is a smart way to ensure that your gas goods are not openly exposed to direct heat. Using an absorbent material is also essential in case of any leaks or spills with liquid gases. Non-liquid gases such as deodorants are massively dangerous when exposed to heat and can have considerable potential for explosion. They are also extremely flammable. Additionally when exposed to freezing temperatures, pressurized gas (deodorants, aerosol sprays) can cause burns when coming into contact with the skin. For these reasons they should always be packaged carefully and safely – if you’re unsure, it’s best to speak to a courier for advice and guidance before sending.


Depending on the material and fragility of the goods that you are sending, solid goods should always be adequately protected depending on their composition and nature. All goods being sent through a courier service in winter and wetter or colder months should be packaged with the chance of extreme weather in mind – for example, avoiding paper- or cardboard-only wrapping as rain leakage into the packaging could inevitably damage your goods and melt cardboard. Additionally, snow and ice could potentially freeze the content of your package resulting in a wet and ruined package and item once warmer conditions are restored either in transit or at their destination.

For more information on winter couriering or for specific advice on packaging and sending goods please give us a call or drop us an email – we’re always more than happy to help.

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