Postal or Courier Services?

Both courier and postal services serve similar functions. However, the roles that they perform are carried out in very different ways. In this article, we see how courier services weigh up against postal services.

One frustration that many people face when sending a parcel through a postal service is having less flexibility when it comes to delivery locations. Here at Speed Couriers, we ensure that the delivery of your items suits your preferences. We are available at your convenience meaning that you can have your items delivered to your home or nearest location.

Distributions with us are flexible and versatile. To prove this statements with our guest booking services you can select a delivery time that fits in with your schedule. Whereas, with the postal service, your delivery could fall subject to strikes and sorting delays. Our tracking system, ACI (Advanced Courier Interface), is directly connected to our courier booking and allocation facility. This makes it a lot easier for us to monitor the progress of the delivery and enables us to resolve problems quickly should they arise.

As stated above, we can take your deliveries to a place of your choosing so we don’t burn up fuel by transporting your item to sorting depots up and down the country. Such efficiency reduces dead miles and therefore unnecessary carbon emissions.

Postal services are primarily relied upon for delivering letters. Another advantage of using a couriering service is the number of delivery options that are readily available to you. From smaller items such as letters to important medical shipments, we have got you covered. We offer a wide range of services such as overnight, same day, two man deliveries and more. We can provide a dedicated service that can be adapted to meet the specific distribution needs of any organisation.

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