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Post Black Friday Advice

My Black Friday packages haven’t arrived yet. What should I do?

We understand the anticipation you feel when you’re waiting for a parcel to arrive.  If you are one of the many consumers experiencing a delayed delivery of a long-awaited Black Friday’s purchase, this article will be useful to you.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originates from America but its popularity spread across the globe. Black Friday follows Thanksgiving and is well-known for the extreme promotional sales.

Black Friday a very busy time for retailers and consumers alike. You will probably have seen many images of just how hectic stores can become and the never-ending queue that constantly grows before the store has even opened. And once the doors open, chaos erupts as customers try to pick out the very best deal. This is one of the main reasons why many people now opt for online shopping on Black Friday. However, many experience prolonged delays in receiving their Black Friday packages.

Why are some Black Friday packages delayed?

A simple search on a search engine should reveal to you just how frequent delays around this sales period occur. The reason why Black Friday delivery delays are so often is quite simple. Both retail stores and websites bring in a lot of new customers. Retailers experience a huge influx in sales in just one day, which, in turn, puts pressure on retailers to deliver their usual promises.

Those in charge of delivering the Black Friday package will need to handle a huge influx of orders. As well as facing the usual challenges that couriers face such as traffic jams and extreme weather conditions, at the same time, they are required to deliver a much bigger number of packages.

There may be other reasons (unrelated to the sales period) that will delay your items:

  •     Incorrect delivery details.  
  •     Change of delivery address.  
  •     Custom delays. 

What to do when Black Friday packages are delivered with delays

When a package is delayed for more than 2 to 3 days after the estimated delivery day, you must get in touch with the logistics provider or the retailer that sold you the goods (if they have not been shipped). They should be able to address any issues and inform you on how they plan to resolve them.

If you are looking for quick and reliable couriering services be sure to browse our pages. We offer excellent couriering services in and out of Manchester. We also offer an easy to use online guest booking service where you can choose the time of delivery, the vehicle used, and more.

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