Planning Those Special Deliveries

We know just how much time and effort you spend finding a gift to give during special occasions. That is why we have put together a few tips to ensure there are no foreseeable hiccups when it comes to ordering online and arranging a delivery.

Our first and probably most important tip is to plan in advance. By planning ahead you won’t be left in a panic a couple of days beforehand. If possible, opt for alternatives to perishable items such as chocolate and instead look into gifts that travel easily. Thinking wisely about your parcel’s journey will enable you to relax once it is on its way.

We know that online shopping is extremely popular when it comes to buying gifts. Once you have got a vague idea on how you want to spoil your loved one you can begin your online search. Around notable times of the year, you will notice that many brands will have sections dedicated to them. When you find gifts you should see if there are any freebies that come with the main item such as a nice bottle of wine. Freebies always go down a treat!

Be sure to triple check the delivery times of the product that catches your eye. There is nothing more gut-wrenching than putting an order through and it ends up being a couple of weeks before it is even dispatched. Delivery guidelines can usually be found on a sellers website.

Be prepared for substitutions. If you have ordered something like flowers then it is possible that they may not be able to send you a certain type of flower. This will be replaced with a product of greater or equal value to your initial choice. Remember to always check the terms and conditions of you are buying products from. This way you can avoid both disappointment and misunderstanding.

Be vigilant of online scams. If a deal online looks too good to be true then chances are, it is. If you aren’t 100% sure about the reputability of a seller online then shop elsewhere. There will be something else out there that the recipient of your gift will adore.

Just a reminder: Mother’s Day falls on the 26th March this year!

Gifts for any occasion are classed as special deliveries to us. If you want total security this Mother’s Day then check out our guest booking for couriering services page. We aim to collect next day and if the recipient isn’t home at the time of the delivery then we will aim to return the item within the hour.