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Parcel Delivery After Brexit

Summary: Will package delivery be different after Brexit? The UK leaving the EU will mean that delivers to and from the EU will likely change. But how?

No one is sure yet what exactly Brexit will look like. There could be a deal or there is even the possibility of leaving without a deal. It’s difficult to say exactly how leaving will affect parcel deliveries within the EU, but there are some things that we might be able to predict. Whether you send parcels for your business or sometimes need to for personal reasons, you should be aware of how parcel deliveries might change when the UK is no longer a member of the European Union. It’s important to know what responsibilities you might have and how courier services could change.

Import VAT

One thing that could be important to pay attention to is import tax. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, sellers outside the UK will need to pay import VAT for parcels worth £135 or less being imported into the UK. The payment can be made to HMRC online or through a parcel operator that offers a service to pay import VAT.

Parcels Between Ireland and Northern Ireland

Another thing that will be affected by the UK leaving the EU with no deal is the movement of goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland. This will be governed by different roles than those relating to goods between the UK and the rest of the EU. There will be short-term measures in place until something more long-term is arranged. For most goods, it will be necessary to pay import VAT and pay Excise Duty. Goods moved from Ireland to Great Britain that go through Northern Ireland won’t be subject to Customs Duty, but if this is done with the purpose of avoiding Customs Duty, the UK tariff will apply.

Customs When Sending to the EU

Currently, parcels sent to the EU don’t need to go through customs. But if the UK leaves without a deal, this will change. Parcels will need to be labelled with the correct customs label and information, including what the parcel contains and how much it’s worth. If you have ever sent a parcel outside of the EU, you will probably have done this before. It doesn’t take long to do, and you just need to make sure that you provide accurate information when you fill out the customs form.

If you are sending a parcel, be aware that the recipient might need to pay VAT or customs charges when it arrives if they want to receive their parcel. How much they will have to pay depends on the country you send the parcel to and the items that you send. The same is true for receiving parcels from the EU. The cost will depend on who and where it comes from, as well as what is in the parcel.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for what might happen after Brexit, especially if you often send parcels to the EU or receive parcels from the EU.

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