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Packaging Your Parcel The Eco Way

Let’s face it; your business has a greater responsibility to adopt greener processes than ever before. Aside from building a better brand image and gaining improved customer reactions, using the eco-friendly approach actively saves the planet. Eco parcel packaging is one of the most important factors by far.

Having the desire to choose eco-friendly packaging is one thing, but knowing how to do it is another. Here’s how to do it in style.

Pack In Bulk

Before worrying too much about packaging individual items, try to find ways of sending bulk orders. This will reduce the volume of packaging materials needed, and also makes the carbon emissions per product far smaller during transit.

In addition to combining orders that are heading to the same part of the country, you can try to encourage bulk orders from individual clients. Offer free delivery when they meet a defined spending threshold, and you should see positive outcomes – not least because it can increase order value.

Choose The Right Materials

The choice of packing materials is arguably the most significant factor of all. Recycled cardboard and wrapping sheets, for example, are a far better choice than plastics that may take thousands of years to biodegrade.

Reusable plastics are a good choice too, particularly when dealing with the back-and-forth transport of goods between your business and another company. Biodegradable packing peanuts, seaweed packaging, and corrugated bubble wrap are equally useful materials. In addition to their recyclable properties, those materials are often lighter. Keeping the weight down is crucial.

Reduce Unnecessary Packaging

All consumers are familiar with the idea of receiving a huge box with lots of newspaper, bubble wrap, and other packing materials when there’s only a small item inside. While it’s true that some fragile and oddly-shaped items require a significant amount of packing, most items do not.

Streamline this part of the process, and you’ll see a significant reduction I materials usage and, crucially, product waste. Go the extra mile to design smarter packaging, ideally from recyclable materials, that keeps items fixed in place. Slitted cardboard is the most popular solution, and will remove the need for wraps and similar items.

Remove Unneeded Paperwork

We live in a digital age. Learn to make use of online communications, and you can reduce your usage of paper and ink while additionally lowering the weight and size of individual packaging. All of these features add to the eco-friendly packaging.

Some customers will still prefer to receive hard copies, but offering the chance to gain a paperless receipt and invoice can work wonders. Similarly, product manuals and customer support documents can be made available as eBooks or webpages. If you don’t need to print and package those items, it makes sense to use this eco-friendly alternative.


Packaging goods in an eco-friendly manner is a task in which a little forward thinking goes a long way. Think about the choice of materials as well as how you will pack the goods, and you won’t go far wrong.

Finally, you must remember that the responsibility for an eco-friendly delivery doesn’t end with the packaging elements. The transportation elements are equally crucial to the overall status of your order fulfilment processes. Make the right choice by calling Speed Couriers today.

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