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Packaging Christmas Gifts – Safely & Securely

As Christmas rolls around and everyone is deciding what to buy, there will be many gifts being sent overseas. Whilst this is incredibly useful to an increasing number of people with family and friends who may not live nearby, there are also precautions that must be taken to ensure your package arrives overseas in one piece. Protection of goods in transit is the absolute priority of overseas packaging, which means you need to know which packaging is suitable for the goods you intend to transport. Take a look at our top picks here:

Bubble wrap

One of the most popular ways to ensure that your package arrives safe and sound is to line your item and the inside of your package in bubble wrap. It is a must-have for any fragile gifts as it usually breaks any falls with its soft, inflated, bubble-like texture. Bubble wrap is also waterproof to stop any liquids or moisture from being absorbed.

Wooden crates

This method is usually used more with larger, heavier products as there is more room for the package to sit safely in. In some cases the crate will contain polystyrene which cushions the object perfectly – protecting it from any bumps along the way and keeping your package firmly in place. Wooden crates are strong and compact as they are made for heavier products.

Plastic packaging

This is a packaging method that you may have commonly seen used with clothing or material goods. The packaging is usually flexible for your gift to sit in and is intended for the size and amount of goods you have included. Plastic packaging is usually quite thick and is also waterproof to keep any unwanted liquids or moisture from seeping in.

Cardboard envelopes

Cardboard envelopes are mostly used for smaller and lighter gifts such as jewellery or small items of clothing – for example socks. They may have bubble wrap inside to prevent any liquids from seeping into your product.

Cardboard boxes

A very common method used for packaging is usually cardboard boxes. Depending on the size and weight of your product, there will most likely be a box to fit your item. They can hold polystyrene or bubble wrap to conceal the goods overseas, however they are not waterproof and so additional plastic packaging may be needed.

Shock mount packaging

This method of packaging is used for extremely fragile or potentially dangerous products such as electric items. They usually contain built-in shock absorption to protect electrical goods, protection from humidity, protection from dust, moisture, shock and vibration.

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