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More than simply packages

More than simply packages

It’s common for many consumers and business owners alike to assume that couriers deal only with packages of the specialist or commercial sort. But in actual fact, couriers offer a real alternative to Royal Mail for many different types of customer – not just within the corporate, medical and commerce sectors. Learn a little bit more about the services we offer below which are actually useful for everyone – not just for larger businesses and senders of specialist items.

Letters and post

Couriers aren’t just useful for sending large shipments and packages – we also ensure the safe delivery of a wide variety of documents and letters. Often these services are taken by corporate businesses, the legal and financial sector and for urgent medical purposes – but it’s a service which could be used by anyone. If you’ve forgotten to send an urgent letter and aren’t sure that First Class Royal Mail is going to cut it, then have a word with us and see how we may be able to help. We can also endeavour to assist over bank holidays and other occasions, which could traditionally delay conventional mail – as we’re not bound by the restraints of staffing or systematic issues, and have considerably less post to deal with than they do.

Packages of all kinds

The great thing about sending a package by courier is that they have the specialist expertise to deal with your shipment in the best possible way – no matter what it may be. Traditional services have their limitations and may refuse certain types of package and desired delivery option – whilst we say, ‘bring it on!’

Special Delivery

When you choose to use a courier service (especially a local provider such as ourselves), you always have the personal reassurance which comes with a company big enough to cope, but small enough to care. What this means is that you can track the progress of your shipment easily and stress-free without the confusion and hassle which often can arise when packages are lost through huge providers such as Royal Mail.

Competitive prices

People commonly believe that couriers are more expensive than traditional options such as Royal Mail – but in actual fact we can be very competitive. Depending on what it is you are sending, where to and how you when you would like it delivering, we always offer fair, upfront and transparent prices and if the item is headed overseas, we can also advise of additional external charges you may encounter – so no nasty surprises further down the line.

To learn more about each of the services we offer, take a look here for more details:

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