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Missing packages: Where do they go?

A missing package can be a frustrating issue in itself, but if the goods contained within were valuable or of a time-sensitive nature it can be even more galling. Missing packages are unfortunately an inevitable occurrence when over 200 million are sent and processed worldwide every single day. There are many reasons packages go missing – but luckily tracking has never been more advanced, so it’s much simpler to see where a package has gone and follow a trail of events which often lead to the item in question being located.

Why do packages go missing and where do they go?

There are a number of reasons why packages may go missing on their journey to the recipient, but surprisingly a common reason is that the seller has not labelled the address properly and recipient information correctly onto the package, or the label becomes torn and therefore unreadable. If this happens, the package is generally returned to the post office for the sender to retrieve so the package can be re-labelled. When sending a package, you should include the recipient’s information inside of the package as well as on the outside, as this could prevent its potential disappearance if the label and information is damaged.

Sometimes parcels can also be lost in transit – especially if their journey is long and involves many stops and checks along the way. Fortunately, sophisticated tracking systems now monitor every step of your package’s journey, so if it doesn’t reach its final destination, it’s much easier for couriers to pinpoint the exact location it was last processed in and subsequently ascertain where it might have gone from there.

How to retrieve a missing package

If you have come to the conclusion that your package is missing, before taking action you should first check the delivery status of your order if you are able to, as your package may have encountered some problems and it may still be delivered, but at a later time. Next you should check that you haven’t missed your package by searching for a possible notice left by your courier. If there are no notices, then the next step is contacting your courier or reporting your missing package as lost at your local post office and filing a claim. If you’re the sender, you will need to offer proof of sending and discuss the timescales with the courier or postal service as your package may have been delayed in some way. If you are the recipient of goods or a particular product you can also contact the sender to discuss the loss of your package and demand a refund.

For more information on the location of lost or missing parcels, please get in touch.

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