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Medical Shipments – Inside Out

Medical Shipments – Inside Out

Each and every package a courier handles is important – but when it comes to medical delivery services, extra care, efficiency and speed are vital. Medical shipments work slightly differently to normal delivery services – so what’s the process when it comes to sending urgent supplies quickly and competently? As experts in the field with our very own specialist healthcare division, allow us to shed some light on what is an important and interesting service.

What types of medical deliveries are there?

Medical deliveries constitute a huge variety of items, from pathological specimens (samples of blood and urine etc), controlled drugs and equipment to confidential records and internal mail. These services are used by labs, hospitals, GP practices and pharmacies to ensure the swift transportation of vital goods, as they’re often much more cost-effective in comparison to employing staff and purchasing vehicles in-house.

Whatever is being sent, a trustworthy, experienced medical courier is a must. We ensure that our staff have formal training to be compliant with industry regulation on the transportation of medical items, dangerous goods and hazardous substances, and that every single person is fully CRB-checked, giving them specialist knowledge of the specific rules, regulations and procedures involved – which can also be employed in the event of a spillage or incident. Without these vital qualities, there’s a chance things could go wrong – and there’s no room for error when it comes to medical delivery. As always with Speed Courier, you’re in safe hands!

How does delivery work?

Some items are able to be transported in the same vans used for ‘normal’ packages and parcels – such as letters, memos and records – albeit with a slightly different process. Perishable and specialist shipments (such as blood and tissue samples) must be treated with care and may be subject to temperature controls and other precautionary action when they are being transported to ensure that they are safe, undamaged and are not contaminated or spoiled.

It’s common to think that ‘medical courier services’ only involve smaller items, but in actual fact very large items also come under this umbrella. Take for example a recent job of ours which involved us moving 2 whole operating theatres! The NHS often lacks the resources to transport these large, incredibly high-value items themselves, so they trust us to take care of that for them with our expertise and specialist vehicles and equipment.


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