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Making sure your package arrives at its rightful destination

Couriering a parcel involves more than a simple ‘pick up and drop off’ situation – and it’s no secret that deliveries can be extremely complicated, especially when parcels are of a specialised nature. Whilst the utmost care is taken when handling and processing all deliveries, it’s true that courier services can only deliver packages safely and securely if you have done your bit when sending the goods, which includes labelling your parcel correctly, ensuring the packaging it is contained within is adequate and selecting the right service depending on the nature and importance of your package.

Getting the address right

Sending and labelling a parcel correctly includes the whole address of the buyer’s destination – not a short version of an address. Although it may take longer to print the full address onto the package, it’s definitely worth it for a safe and secure journey – as you can never assume that the person who is tasked with delivering your package on the other side will know exactly where you mean if you are vague or miss off vital pieces of information. It is imperative for anyone living in an apartment block that the address on the label is precise, as there are many different addresses in one building and there should only be one specific address on the label. Leaving a parcel in the communal area of an apartment block available for anyone to collect is always a dangerous move as this could result in potential theft of the goods and unhappy recipients, senders and couriers all round. When producing a label for a package, make sure to add as much information as possible, including the full post code (and if your package is headed overseas zip codes or regional postal codes) as this will ensure that the mail is headed in exactly the right direction.


When delivering a package, there is always a chance that the buyer may not be at home to receive it, but many couriers make the mistake of leaving the package in unsafe spaces or places that are open and visible to the public eye. Unsafe places to leave packages may include spaces that are visible to the public leading to theft, places that are unsanitary and could therefore damage the package (for example wheelie bins) and other homes that the buyer has not verified as a trusted place to hold their package. Whilst we take extra care of your packages during their time spent in our care, if your parcel is headed further afield with a courier of your choice which we haven’t dealt with previously, we can’t guarantee that this won’t happen. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pick a reputable company and take their recommendation on a partner courier who will ensure safe transit throughout. It’s also advisable to choose well-known couriers overseas who offer a ‘collect or redeliver’ service – leaving a note for the absent recipient which enables them to pick up or wait in for the parcel at a later date.

Safety and Security

The delivery of certain packages can require a signature at the arrival of your parcel – and this could be for a number of reasons. The exterior of the package may communicate that the contents of the parcel are breakable or that it contains highly valuable goods (a target of theft), or this may be down to the fact that the shipper may request or pay for a signature to be required. Additionally if the parcel is being delivered to a business address a signature will customarily be necessary at delivery. Sometimes, the courier may ask for a signature if the package has been missing, is late or has a claim filed – as a legible signature and name at the time of delivery ensures that there is an accurate trail of responsibility should theft occur. Either way, the request of a signature for a package is a smart and secure way to ensure that the parcel is delivered to its rightful destination.

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