Labelling your parcels correctly

You’ve securely packaged your parcel, ensuring you’ve used the correct size box, sealed it properly and it’s ready to head to the designated destination. But wait! Your checklist is not complete just yet. Labelling your package precisely is crucial before you send any package on its way. Here are our labelling tips that will help to eliminate delivery catastrophes…

UK deliveries:

  • Remove or erase any old address labels on the outside of the box.
  • The label that you attach to your parcel must provide accurate information. This includes the sender’s name, address details, postcode and phone number on the reverse of the parcel. Those same details need to be visible alongside the barcoded service label. Secondly, write the recipient’s name, address information, again, alongside the barcoded service label.
  • Make sure to avoid wrapping labels around the packages corner, edge or seam. Instead, position packaging labels facing the same direction on the same side of the parcel.
  • The reason for attaching any label close to the barcoded service label is due to it being the largest surface. If you experiment with your own instructions such as “this end up” then the courier may or may not comply. However, placing the shipping label in the appropriate location means you’re taking a less of a gamble and increasing the likelihood of your parcel being transferred in your preferred orientation.

These may seem like simple steps but they could determine whether or not your goods arrive in their original form.

Your label should look like this:

Recipient name
House number and street name
Full postcode

International deliveries:

  • Make sure you find the correct international postal code.
  • If your item is heading to Europe, then the postcode is to be placed to the left of the town listed.
  • Do not include abbreviations when it comes to listing countries.
  • Don’t forget to include your return address.

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