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Incorrect Delivery Status

Couriers work hard to ensure that your items arrive at their destination safely and on time. However, sometimes a problem arises with a tracking system that marks a consignment as delivered when ireality it hasn’t arrived. There is only a small chance of this happening, however, if it does it can raise a few concerns. But don’t worry, the wrong information is usually displayed as a result of a simple error in the tracking system. If this turns out not to be the case this situation may be a result of the following.

Mix up with the tracking information

Couriers and the people who support couriers are human. Sometimes a mistake is made. If it happens that your parcel is marked delivered but it was not received, the reason may simply be wrong information that the courier driver had inserted into the tracking system.

Parcel marked delivered but it was not received

The courier may have made a mistake in inserting the information into the tracking system. The actual status ofthe delivery may refer to another parcel. To find out what is the real whereabouts of the parcel, contact the courier company directly.

Someone else signed for the parcel

If the consignee is not at the specified address at the time of delivery, the courier may leave the item in the hands of someone else. For example, a courier can leave the item with a family member and if they are allowed to, they could give it to a neighbour. Typically, a consignee will be able to view the signature of the person who signed for the item. However, if it is not recognised the courier company should be able to tell you.

The package was delivered to the wrong address

It is uncommon but mix-ups do happen and a parcel may end up at the wrong location. The first thing to do is to double check that a family member or a neighbour doesn’t have your parcel. If it turns out that they do not have the item, 

it could have been delivered to the wrong place. When this happens, it is important to get in touch with your courier company so that they can try to fix this problem.

The parcel was left around your house

Now, it sounds silly but if the tracking system shows the item as delivered then check around the exterior of your home. Some parcels can also be left unattended, in a safe place, around the house. This happens especially if the shipping service doesn’t cover a guaranteed signature on delivery. These safe places include a garage or a porch. When the parcel is left somewhere around the house, the delivery is considered completed.

Your item has been stored in a delivery depot

If a parcel is considered delivered but it isn’t in the consignee’s possession the item may have been returned to the local depot following a failed delivery. This is a situation where even if the parcel hadn’t been handed over to you yet, once it reached the depot at the destination, it could be marked as delivered. Many companies will only make one or two delivery attempts. Couriers will leave a note showing that a delivery attempt has been made. This note usually contains information on how you can claim your parcel.

We hope today’s article has been helpful. We know that there could be many more reasons why a consignment could be marked as delivered when it hasn’t been. This list is not set in stone and will surely differ from personto person. If you experience an issue with your delivery be sure to get in touch with your courier service so they can assist you.

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