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How To Spot a Postal Scam

Households across the UK have been warned to be wary of fraudulent missed delivery notices that could see victims scammed out of forty-five pounds.

In a post shared more than 60,000 times on Facebook, the fake notice will list a number that the recipient must dial if they want to have their item “redelivered”.

Luckily, this post seems to be spreading the word about this issue effectively but what other postal scams should you be wary of and how should you act if you suspect anything? Scammers are always looking for fresh ways to trick people. However, there are some common scams that have been a continuous problem.

Lottery scams

Scammers will send someone a letter in the mail telling them that they have won a cash prize. If they respond to this letter they will be asked to pay a small fee before the prize can be sent. In some cases, the recipient will also have to call a premium rate number for further information.

Psychic scammers

The scam, in this case, is that someone will claim that they are able to predict a person’s fate and they must pay money if they want to find out what it is. Their claims are most likely false and any money will be wasted.

Pyramid scheme scams

This scam involves someone receiving a letter that will offer the chance to be a part of a seemingly new and exciting business investment that has no obvious risks. To be a part of this investment the recipient will have to join the scheme. The reality of this scam is that no such investment exists. Any money will be placed into fraudulent hands. It is possible that the victim may receive small payouts trying to convince them to invest more money but once this is handed over these payments will soon stop.

“Sob Story” Scams

A scammer will write a letter containing a heartfelt story. They might claim that they have lost all of their money as a result of something out of their control and that they need money. These stories are normally illegitimate and should not be replied to.

Inheritance scams

This scam involves a person receiving a letter that claims someone has left you money in his or her will. These types of scams can be very convincing and will claim that it is from legitimate solicitors firms. If you get a letter like this the first thing you should do is to call the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Bogus debt letters

Debt scams involve someone receiving a letter claiming to be from a debt recovery company chasing unpaid bills or something similar. They may threaten to take legal action if this is not resolved. Always check with the company to see if you owe them any money.

Remember that anyone can become a victim of a scam, and by reporting it could stop others also falling into the same trap. You can report incidents to Action Fraud online or by calling 0300 123 2040.

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