How to Ship Glass

Glass is one of the most fragile materials available and for this reason it can be quite tricky to ship without errors.  If you package your glass incorrectly you will almost certainly guarantee that it will break during transit.  However, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your glass items arrive at their destination in one piece.

Choose a box

Make sure you choose a secure box when sending a glass item to someone. We would recommend using a new box; however, you can use an old one if it is in good condition. Make sure that your box has plenty of room around the item itself to allow for packaging materials.

Selecting packaging

Once you have got your box it’s time to start thinking about protecting its contents. Surrounding the glass items with packaging material will reduce the likelihood of damage. We recommend putting bubble wrap around the glass. Double up on boxes for optimal protection and line the second box with polystyrene wedges.  Make sure to use enough protective material so that the glass item can be held in place during shipping.  Double check that you’ve adding enough protective materials by gently shaking it once sealed. If the item moves you have not added enough materials and your item will be at risk of damage if you do not add more.

Seal the box

We see many packages that aren’t sealed correctly. It is imperative that you do seal things correctly to avoid your consignment opening and potentially getting lost or broken during transit. You cannot just use Sellotape when shipping an item. Seal the box using either pressure sensitive tape, reinforced filament tape, or vinyl tape. Apply the tape to ensure that all openings are sealed. As a final tip, we suggest making anyone who handles the item aware of its fragile form. Use a “fragile” label on all sides of the shipment box.

At Speed Couriers, we have lots of experience handling more fragile consignments. If you would like our assistance when shipping an item, contact us today.