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How to Prevent Parcel Theft

Buying items online provides a lot of advantages. However, buying things online opens us up to a big risk: package theft. Whilst you’re away from your home, the person dropping off a parcel may leave it somewhere outside. Neither retailers nor delivery companies are responsible for packages after they’ve been dropped off, and may or may not offer to replace the product. You will be able to report the theft to the police but there is only a slim case you’ll get your items back. This is why in today’s article; we will be discussing how to avoid having your items stolen. 

Choose a secure place to leave the parcel

The easiest way to avoid package theft is to not have packages left outside. Having it delivered to an alternate location where someone is available to accept it properly is one of the best ways to prevent parcel theft. 

Consider delivering your package to:

  • A local relative or a trusted neighbour. 
  • Your workplace.  

Add delivery instructions

When you shop online, you are sometimes given the option to add a note for the courier. You could ask them to leave items in a place that you know thieves will not access. Look for a “delivery instructions” option when you’re entering shipping information, then add any details that can help secure your package.

Schedule deliveries the courier

Sometimes it can be a bit vague as to when your parcel will arrive, especially if no tracking is provided. At Speed Couriers, you will receive live parcel tracking so you can get an idea of when your parcel will arrive

Our parcel tracking system is based upon GPS enabled PDA devices carried by our courier drivers. Each driver can be tracked so our operation team will be able to keep track of completed deliveries as well as those in progress. This technology also enables us to provide collection and delivery details to our drives and to obtain electronic signature data. Because of this, we are able to provide our clients with a signature for their consignments as soon as they are delivered. 

Install a camera

Installing a camera outside of your home can act as a deterrent to parcel theft. As stated in one of our previous points, you can often instruct the courier to leave the item in a certain place. Make sure to position your camera in a place where it is out of reach (to avoid it being damaged) and can view the location that you request your parcels to be left in. If someone attempts to steal your parcels you will have video evidence that you can offer to the police.

We hope that this article has been helpful. Remember to contact us if you would like assistance with your upcoming deliveries.

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