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How to Prepare Your Car For Colder Weather

This month, the UK has experienced plummeting temperatures and snow which has caused disruption on roads. As many of us focus on driving safely, we are also confronted with the challenges of being a car owner too. In this article, we will be outlining some of our tips for keeping your car in check during the colder months.


During winter, many people tend to be traveling to and from work in darkness. Therefore, making sure you vehicles lights are in working order is very important. This is a no-brainer, as anything that can affect your ability to see the road clearly is a potential danger. If a bulb happens to be out in your car you should get it fixed immediatley. If you have already checked and your bulbs are operational, make sure there is no snow or debris covering them.

Car Battery

Your car battery is not something that should be overlooked. If your battery fails you could be left holding a set of jump leads trying to spark life back into it. Sometimes, you may not be able to bring it back this way and will have to call someone for assistance. Our advice is to have a volt test performed on your battery before winter starts to make sure it’s still in good working order. If it isn’t, buy a new battery as soon as possible so you’ll never have to worry about being stranded in the middle of the motorway.


Coolant/ anti-freeze is a must during the colder months as it keeps the engine from freezing in cold temperatures. Before you head into winter, make sure your car isn’t low on coolant and that there aren’t any leaks in your vehicle’s engine that could cause coolant to drain out.

Tire Pressure

Your vehicle’s tire pressure can drop along with the air temperature. Low pressure can cause premature damage to your tires shoulders as well as impact steering significantly. This is a big problem, particularly during colder months. Also, your car handles less predictably with underinflated tires. We recommend checking your tire pressure regularly and if your tires pressure is low, you can fill them at a petrol station.

Screen wash

UK winters are typified by windy and rainy weather conditions. This can lead to all sorts of debris being smeared over your windscreen if you have run out of screenwash so make sure to stock up.

Professional winter care checks

If you haven’t got time to prepare and check your car before winter, you can request that a professional does it for you. Freezing temperatures can really take a toll on your vehicle. There could be a number of reasons why your car isn’t performing how it usually does. A professional will be able to identify any problems immediately and without hassle.

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