How to Obtain Positive Feedback on eBay

eBay, the online auction site, is an easy way to shift those items you no longer have any use for. If you aren’t familiar with selling on eBay then it is worth noting that with every item you sell, the buyer can provide feedback and give you a rating of their experience.

Therefore, if you’re planning on selling more than the occasional item you stumble across in your loft, you’ll want to obtain positive reviews to increase the chances of others wanting to buy from you.

Generally, buyers on eBay are looking to find themselves more than a bargain. There are so many sellers on eBay today that to really stand out it’s worth going the extra mile for your customers. Start thinking about what you can do that other seller may overlook.

Protect Your Items

As a seller, you should try your best to ensure that your items reach their destination without damage occurring during the shipping process. If what you’re selling is fragile, protect it with bubble wrap or suitable packaging material. Placing effort into the item arriving in one piece can leave a good impression.

Presentation Matters

Whilst, you must wrap your item securely, take care not to seal the item in so much brown tape that it becomes impossible to open! The presentation of your item can make a big impact. Make sure the packaging you’re using is in good condition. If someone receives an item that isn’t wrapped properly their instincts will tell them to question the condition of the product itself.  It is important to work on a clear surface so that you can wrap the items without worrying that they are going to be covered in anything unwanted.

Make Your Packaging SpecialL

What can you do to make your parcel stand out from other deliveries? There are countless little touches that you can add to make your parcel memorable. Our suggestions would be to surround the contents of your parcel with fresh tissue paper, tie a ribbon around the item or include a thank you note. This is something that large online retailers won’t be able to do and lends a personal touch that will leave your buyer feeling appreciated. By going above what another seller would do you are more likely to receive positive buyer feedback.

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