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How To Make Sure Your Courier Delivery Arrives Safely

It’s important to know that your item will be safe when you decide to send an item with a courier. You must have full confidence that your package will arrive safely and on time. Of course, most of the responsibility to keep your parcel safe falls on your trusted courier however there are things that you can do to help ensure the safe arrival of your delivery.

We’ve complied five top tips to make sure your parcel arrives with no unwanted hiccups!

1. Make sure it’s going to the right place.
This may seem simple, but it is one of the biggest reasons behind a package not being delivered. Checking and double checking the address listed on the parcel will alleviate a whole host of problems. It can always be helpful if the delivery is in an unusual or tricky location to add some detail either on the parcel itself or to the driver directly to help ensure a safe delivery. Finally, always add a return address just in case!

2. Don’t hide what’s inside.
Correctly declaring the contents of your delivery is always important. However, it is crucial if you are sending an international delivery as this will often pass through a customs and border patrol check. Check to make sure you are not sending anything prohibited or illegal as this will certainly prevent delivery of your package. Be careful not to overvalue or undervalue the item being delivered as this may lead to some difficult questions If for some reason the parcel is checked. There can also sometimes be limits on what you can send within the UK depending on the service you use.

3. Clearly label the parcel.
It is important to show clear, easy to read lettering on labels you place on the parcel. This includes the address and also any important information you need to convey to your courier. If you are sending a delicate item, make sure you get the fragile label attached and clearly visible, so the courier knows to handle the package with extra care.

4. Package your item safely.
It is unlikely your parcel to be damaged in transit, but you can never be too careful. You want to make sure that the packaging is the perfect fit for your item. If it is too small you run the risk of the item protruding out and getting damaged. If it is too big there may be too much room for movement and an increase in the possibility of damage. Using bubble wrap to thoroughly encase your items and packing them in a strong cardboard box which is securely sealed by tape is the best way to send your parcel. Greener options such as paper or shredded card are a great alternative.

5. Know how hot.
This is not applicable to all packages of course as many items can be sent in a variety of temperatures. However, one of the advantages of same day couriers is their flexibility to mould to any situation and adapt to individual deliveries. For example, at Speed we offer -25-degree refrigeration for deliveries which is essential for urgent medical and healthcare packages. Plus, our blood courier service must keep deliveries at the correct temperature.

Same day couriers are the experts and if you take these 5 steps into account your parcel is guaranteed to arrive in great condition. If you are interested in sending a delivery via a courier, check out our website…. Our same day delivery even includes overnight parcel couriers to ensure your package arrives within 24 hours.

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