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How soon should I send Christmas gifts?

It might feel a little too early to say the ‘C’ word, but it is one day of the year for which planning and preparation is all-important. Some may not be contemplating Christmas yet – but others might have already started purchasing presents – especially those who have family and friends abroad in far-flung corners of the earth. If it’s your first time sending gifts overseas, then it might be a good idea to look at when parcels need to be ready for posting, as it can vary a great deal depending on where your parcel is being shipped to. Here are some of the most popular destinations and the deadlines for getting your parcel to its destination with plenty of time to spare.

Australia and beyond

In Australia, Christmas is a rather sunnier affair, with barbeques on the beach and walks in the sun replacing a wintry trek through the snow and a turkey dinner enjoyed before a coal fire. If you want to send Christmas gifts to Australia and the rest of the world (including India, China, parts of Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand) then the very last date you should be sending goods is December the 18th. This however only applies to speedy courier services and specialist services and is of course subject to how busy they are at what is arguably the busiest time of year for many cargo companies and postal services.

Western Europe

Western Europe is on our doorstep – yet this doesn’t mean we can leave it too late to send gifts during the festive period. The deadline for sending items in time for the 25th December in Western Europe is the 18th – 19th December – so make sure you don’t leave packages with a seemingly shorter journey to the last minute.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, Christmas is celebrated with a traditional meal of fish and potatoes. It seems strange that the date for a region considerably closer to us is so early, but this is down to resources on the ground in countries which have very remote corners for couriers to reach on time. With this in mind, make sure you send parcels no later than the 1st December to ensure their delivery in time for the big day.

USA and Canada

For packages headed to the states, Friday 19th December is your deadline. Don’t forget that delivery may also be delayed around other festivals, such as Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, as US postal services are much busier during these times.

Wherever your parcel containing good tidings is heading, we suggest sending it as early as possible. For more information on Christmas services, contact us for free, friendly advice.

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