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How is the courier service industry mitigating the risk of Coronavirus?

At Speed Couriers, we know that the current situation that we find ourselves in has not brought just uncertainty (there is a lot of potentially dangerous misinformation and outright lies circulating) but several direct challenges too.

We want to assure everybody that we are doing all that we can to reduce the risk of spread of infection. We take the health of staff and customers alike very seriously, lowering the risk presented by the virus while at the same time still providing a world-class courier service.

Precisely because there is a lot of uncertainty around the subject of Coronavirus / Covid-19, we wanted to take a little time and explain a few things about it and how recommend you take precautions when sending a parcel.

How is Coronavirus spread?

As you may have already heard, the virus is carried in the moisture droplets that are expelled from the body by coughs and sneezes. This can be spread also by hand if the person coughs or sneezes into their hands then touches something. With the latter part of that in mind, the virus is less likely to be spread via:

  • Carpets
  • Fabrics
  • Tissue
  • Other soft surfaces

However, it can cling to harder surfaces and survive, ready to be passed on. These ‘harder surfaces’ can include:

  • Lift buttons
  • Door handles
  • Bus / train / tram poles, tables
  • Store items like tins of food and bottles

At this point, you are probably wondering if Coronavirus can be spread via packaging items such as padded envelopes, cardboard boxes…

Is Coronavirus able to survive on packages?

In theory, Covid-19 can latch on to a parcel at the start of its journey. That being said, it is next to impossible for it to survive transit due to the changing conditions it would be subjected to.

“Mechanical, temperature and humidity changes would likely kill the virus before it arrives at your doorstep.” – Darshan Shah, Medical Director, Next Health

Can Speed Couriers help to minimise risk?

Our couriers take all necessary precautions to keep risks as low as humanly possible while maintaining our usual high standards of service and general service level. These precautions include:

  • Zero contact delivery
  • Leaving parcels in safe, secure places where requested
  • Taking names instead of signatures wherever possible
  • Sanitised hands and equipment where appropriate

These steps may seem very simple, and they are, but they are very effective when everybody works in harmony.

Can you reduce the risks further?

If you still have concerns about courier services and sending parcels in general, there are few other steps that you can take and that you can advise your parcel recipients to take.

Dr Shah recommends:

  • Disinfect the parcel with alcohol-based wipes before opening
  • Minimise actual contact with the parcel
  • Use hand sanitiser or soap and water right after opening and discarding the packaging

Following these steps, there should be no need to worry about the risk of spreading or contracting coronavirus while using your favourite Speed Couriers.

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