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How can couriers help small e-commerce businesses to grow?

How can couriers help small e-commerce businesses to grow?

E-commerce is becoming an increasingly popular way to trade nowadays. In line with consumer demand for simpler, faster purchasing methods in the comfort of their own home (and now anywhere they go in the palm of their hands), big retail businesses have moved either partially or completely online to satisfy their customers. Keen to grab a slice of the action, SMEs and small local retailers are also investing in an online branch – whether that’s via Etsy, eBay or Amazon or via a specially-built e-commerce website.

Whilst e-commerce poses an exciting opportunity to businesses as well as consumers with fewer overheads and larger profit margins, there is sometimes ‘hassle’ involved due to the necessity to send items out to customers rather than have them collect purchases straight away. Whilst most processes within the business stay the same, this is the element which changes – and is an aspect which many e-commerce businesses struggle with. Postage costs via traditional suppliers can be astronomical, with few beneficial offerings for repeat business.

At Speed Courier we’re used to helping all types of businesses, large or small, to grow, expand and streamline their services through offering reliable, professional courier services at competitive prices. So how can we help you in the same way?

Competitive prices

Price is almost certainly a factor when selecting a supplier for courier services. After all, this eats into the profit you make from selling the item in question – so it really is important that you’re not paying over the odds for postage – even if this is a cost passed on to the customer. We offer exactly the same services and delivery options as many larger couriers – with an honest, transparent pricing structure and a guarantee of good service. When you deal with us, you’re dealing with professionals who care – a dedicated unit of meticulous staff who are constantly monitoring what’s going on within the business.

Lucrative partnerships

Rather than ad-hoc one off work billed at full price, retainer and partnership contracts are often a good way to ensure that you maintain a fantastic level of service at a set price. It also means that you’ve almost got an extension of your business –your very own dedicated delivery ‘department’ at the end of the phone to answer any queries should you need advice.

Reliability and a caring attitude towards your business

We care very much about what we do. We’re not saying that this isn’t true of our larger competitors – but often your one or two packages can be lost against a backdrop of millions of others and massive lucrative contracts which require a larger portion of their attention. We ensure that the service we deliver is professional and reliable each time, so what you and your customers receive is on par with what is expected without exception – or better still, exceeds expectation. If we do our job well and bring in more business for you, then by default this means more business for us – another reason it’s within our best interests to ensure that the service you receive is top-notch every time.

Swifter resolution

Using a courier service such as ours actually reduces the chances of shipments being lost or damaged, simply due to the nature of our business in comparison with the bigger couriers where mistakes inevitably happen more often and can go unnoticed. In the unfortunate and unlikely event of a package or shipment going missing or being delayed, you’re working with a company who will endeavour to identify the issue immediately and work to resolve it straight away. No calling up distant call-centres and relaying your tracking number to several people – no frustrating silence as you wait for the courier to contact you via email within 24 hours. With us, you deal with a human being who cares about your business – so when issues do arise, we’re here for you to work to resolve them as soon as possible.

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