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Freight Company or Courier Service: Which is Right for You?

Getting your package from point A to point B presents a few challenges. For instance, you have to weigh the required, or desired, delivery speed with the cost of next or same-day delivery and the stakes only get higher the larger the parcel. For many companies that rely on package delivery, online stores, for example, the choice comes down to either a freight company or a courier service like Speed Couriers.

Which transport option is best for you and your business, though? Both types of unique benefits so let’s see which will better meet your individual needs.

What are the key differences between freight and courier services?

The two delivery company types may well see similar but freight and courier companies approach package delivery in different ways.

Freight companies of types will very often rely on two different shipping options:

  • LTL (Less-Than-Load)


  • FTL (Full-Truck-Load)

LTL is I usually the more popular of the two options, depending on the sending company. Shipments that would not usually fill a trailer are sent this way, which allows the sender to pay only for the space that they use. This makes this option more cost-effective because they will be sharing the shipping costs with whomever is occupying the rest of the trailer.

The second option, FTL, is normally only used when the sender is regularly filling a trailer when sending out packages and items to customers. These companies will sometimes have their own fleet, but very often using a freight company is cheaper.

While freight companies will sometimes work with other services to move product, courier services make use of their own vehicles, staff and infrastructure to deliver parcels and product and quickly and efficiently as possible

The benefits of using a freight company

As mentioned, freight companies are best suited for those companies that ship larger items, or large quantities of items regularly. The ideal choice for moving those packages that are somewhere in the region of 70kg or more, freight companies are mostly ideal for B2B (business to business) organisations. These trailers are typically between 12 – 15 metres in length, at least in the UK. Freight companies keep their overheads down, typically speaking, by only dealing with a handful of different clients that require deliveries to be made…

The benefits of using a courier service

Courier services, like the ones offered by Speed Couriers, specialise in moving smaller loads and doing so quickly and efficiently. Parcels are often also tracked, with ourselves it’s our vehicles that are tracked using GPS. End users can see exactly where their courier is, which also gives them an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

Because couriers hand deliver to the intended recipient, a companies customers will know that their package(s) were secure from end to end. As an added ‘bonus’, because there are fewer people involved in the transportation of your packages, the security of the packages is better assured – meaning the chances of something becoming lost or damaged, at least with us, is non-existent.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s see how we can help you.

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