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Examples Of How Couriers Prepare Vehicles For Winter Weather

Just like Genghis Khan, our fearless leader travelled to Mongolia to prove it Khan be done (get it?). Okay, he did it on a bike and not on horseback, but it’s still an achievement, people.

Unfortunately for us and Shaun, Manchester is nowhere near as warm as Ulaanbaatar at this time of the year. As temps drop, we’ve got to make sure our couriers are on the roads and not by the side of the motorway with your valuables.

The goods news is that John Snow isn’t the only northerner who knows when winter is coming and how to prepare. And, if you think comparing our service to fighting White Walkers is a leap, you haven’t been to the North West!

Tyre Modifications

We’ve got all the mod cons, including tyre treads that are 3mm thick. We can hear the oohs and aahs from the office. Of course, winter weather is no joke when the rain falls, snow drops, and the water freezes over. With suitable tyres attached, our couriers have more traction in adverse conditions and minimise the risk of skidding. By driving normally and with extra confidence in winter, our drivers can continue to carry out our standard, next-day or overnight deliveries.

Emergency Weather Kit

Sometimes, even we can’t take on Mother Nature and win. When she flexes her muscles, we know that we have to respect her wishes #genderequality#feminism. To make sure they don’t get caught out, it’s essential to have an emergency kit to use as a safety net. We don’t pack safety nets, although we would if we could, we do have spare wheels, shovels and tow ropes. If you’re worried about our drivers, don’t because they’re fine. They have all the snacks and water they need… unless they’re stuck for days.

Weather Checks

Okay, Michael Fish isn’t part of our staff that drives one of the 60-strong fleet of vehicles at our disposal. But, you don’t have to be a genius to follow a weather report. Sorry, Michael! By checking the ever changing weather, we can plan the routes and avoid the worst of the elements. And, it also means we can pick the best vehicle for the job. In heavy snow, for instance, we’ll ditch the motorcycle and choose the Sprinter as it’s powerful without being ungainly in bad weather.

Vehicle Services

Of course, prevention is the best way to prepare vehicles for winter. And, because we know winter is coming, we invest in the best technique we can think of – a service. Sure, you might see it as passing the buck, but we prefer to see it as delegating. Getting a trained mechanic to take a look under the bonnet means we’re aware of the vehicle’s condition. So, it’s not too hard to spot problems before the weather escalates them further, allowing us to fix them on the spot.

Winter is coming? It doesn’t matter to us here at Speed Couriers because we’ve got more equipment than GoT has Valyrian Steel.

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