Driverless Lorry Trials

Britain will begin testing a convoy of driverless lorries next years as leading car manufacturers hope to move towards autonomy. There are arguments for and against these trials and in today’s article we will be exploring points risen on both sides.

Truck platooning is a technology which enables fleets of trucks to be driven by smart technology whilst mutually communicating with one another. All of these trucks will be wirelessly linked which will provide them with information on when they should brake or accelerate. The trial will be carried out in three phases. The first phase will be focusing on the suitability for lorry ‘platooning’ on UK roads.

With the following trucks braking immediately, with zero reaction time, platooning can improve traffic safety. Platooning is also a cost-saver as the trucks drive close together at a constant speed. The trucks are driven by smart technology the vehicles will not have to rely on drivers to brake or react to situations that may occur on the roads. In theory, this is supposed to cut carbon dioxide emissions considerably.

Tests that have been planned in the UK mirror those that have already been conducted in the US and Europe. However, questions have been raised regarding the suitability of such test happening on UK roads. Britain is home to some of the busiest motorways in Europe which could mean that a platoon of trucks could obscure road signs from drivers in the outside lanes and potentially make access to entries or exits difficult.

Whilst developments have been made we shouldn’t expect driverless trucks to become the norm anytime soon. Here at Speed Couriers, we operate a fleet of same day and dedicated courier vehicles. All of our vehicles are available at short notice. If you would like more information about our reliable and speedy couriering service please do not hesitate to contact us.