Do you get distracted behind the wheel?

A recent virtual reality experiment reveals just how distracted we can get behind the wheel.  The culprits that divert our attention from what is important come as no surprise. From pedestrians and passengers to our smartphones.

A tool has been developed by the manufacturer Goodyear and allows you to take a virtual reality test determining your reaction to such distractions. To begin the game select whether you want to navigate a rural or urban environment. The virtual reality game then directs you to focus on the yellow dot to begin the experience.

Teaming up with Goodyear is the Driving Instructors Association (DIA). The game sets out several scenarios while gradually bombarding the driver with common distractions.  Players gain more points with the more signs, potential hazards and traffic signals they notice. Alternatively, lives are lost when these are missed.

What is unnerving is that the game reinforced the statistics of the younger demographic being the most likely to lose focus behind the wheel.  Although, we all like to think we can multitask its clear no chance should be taken with a quarter of youths crashing their vehicle within two years of passing their test.

A survey conducted by Goodyear highlighted that younger drivers are at a much greater risk of potentially crashing their cars than seasoned drivers.  Inexperience isn’t the only factor, which elevates these percentages biological reasons play their part too. Research originating in New Zealand at the University of Waikato found that youths haven’t fully developed their surveillance skills. They found more experience drivers were able to increase their horizontal perception of the roads, something inexperience drivers struggled to do.

Will you be trying out this virtual reality game for yourself? Let us know.

Please note that this game is compatible for IPHONE 5 and higher.