Digital Driving Licences

What is a digital driver licence?

A digital driver licence is a version of your driver licence that is available on your phone. Its purpose is to prove your identity and that you have the right to drive a specific type of vehicle but without having to show a physical card. In today’s article, we will be reviewing the possibility of digital licences and what the pros and cons of them are.

Risks of a digital driver licence

Hacking – It is safe to say that anything online or has to be stored electronically may not be secure. A thief could access someone’s phone and gain access to an important identity document. Hackers could also more easily create fake profiles. Fake driver licences do exist currently but the skills to create a realistic plastic one is different to the skills required to create a digitally.

Lost phone – if you lose your phone then you wouldn’t legally be able to drive unless you also had your plastic licence with you.

Battery issues – if your battery runs out you won’t be able to prove you are driving legally.

The benefits of a digital driver licence

Proof of age for purchasing alcohol

International driving permits may not be as relevant if countries accept the digital licence and an app comes with the ability to automatically translate them into the language of the country you are driving in.

Digital licences can be updated instantly when someone passes a licence class – no more waiting for a plastic licence to be printed and mailed. Fake licences can be easily checked because they would need to be verified on a number of back-end systems in real time. If a device is stolen, the licence can be deactivated remotely with data being wiped to protect the user’s identity.

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