Diesel Scrappage Scheme

Studies have revealed that an estimated 40,000 people die in the UK each year as a result of air pollution. Older diesel vehicles have been found to be particularly polluting as they contribute high quantities of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. The owners of old diesel cars could receive payment as a part of a new diesel scrappage scheme. The scheme’s aim is to encourage those who own a diesel car to trade them in for a new, low emission vehicle.

Is your car eligible?

It has been suggested that the government are targeting the oldest diesel vehicles on our roads. Meaning that any model over 10 years old could be eligible for this scheme which will be rolled out across the UK’s most polluted cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

Under the scrappage plans, those who are eligible could receive £2,000 but this money will not be given to spend freely. Instead, the money must go towards either an electric or hybrid car. This figure is likely to be set in addition to the existing government incentives, which include a £6,500 off electric cars and £4,500 on hybrid cars. For this to go ahead, the government and car manufacturers will split the bill for scrappage scheme payment. There is no firm indication on when the diesel scrappage scheme will be introduced in the UK but the details are to be released in the coming weeks.

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