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Delivering Healthcare with Precision: Speed Couriers’ Medical Delivery Service

Time is everything in the medical profession.  Whether that’s easing pain or saving lives, the dedication that comes from healthcare professionals is incredible, balancing urgency with care.

So, when it comes to getting those crucial medical supplies from one place to another, you need that same level of dedication from your courier service. That’s why Speed Couriers are your best option.
Let’s explain why…

Experience Matters

In the healthcare industry, experience is invaluable. Speed Couriers delivers critical medical samples, blood, and pharmaceuticals to leading NHS trusts and laboratories across the UK every single day. Understanding the sector’s priorities, we approach each delivery with the urgency and critical attention it demands.

And reliability in critical situations is part and parcel of our service.

The timely transport of pathology samples, records, and various medical supplies can be a matter of life and death. And yours and your patient’s urgency is matched with our urgency.  We guarantee the same dedication as healthcare professionals to ensure these items reach their destination without delay.

Trusted and Trained

Speed Couriers Managing Director Carl Truscott said: “Our medical delivery service covers the entire UK. Our expansive reach ensures our healthcare services are accessible and reliable nationwide, and we’ve been working with the healthcare and medical industry for over 20 years.  We’re considered a partner, rather than a supplier – completely equipped to meet the unique demands and challenges that medical deliveries can bring.”

Carl added: “All our drivers undergo training to GDP standards, ensuring compliance with regulations. This includes specialised training on blood movement, spill response, and more. Additionally, our drivers are now undertaking iAM Roadsmart training, further enhancing their skills and safety awareness.”

Security and Compliance…and coverage

One of the things we also know about is the high level of security, compliance and strict regulations that come with medical deliveries. By employing secure distribution channels and personnel trained to handle medical items with utmost care. 

That goes for any patient information you trust us with too. Our couriers are trained to respect and uphold strict confidentiality protocols, ensuring sensitive information is handled with the utmost discretion. Our recent acquisition of Caledonian Couriers solidifies our strong foothold across Scotland too, ensuring comprehensive coverage too.

Partner with Speed Couriers

With us, there’s no panic.  Use with our secure, reliable, and punctual service, and focus on your day job. We’re your dependable medical and healthcare courier service, and if you’d like to talk to us about working together, contact us now.

We’re just one phone call away:  0161 877 2000 or 0113 340 3000.

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