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Courier services Vs Software-based couriers

When you want to book a courier, how do you know if you are dealing with an actual courier service or one that just says it is? Did you know there was even such a thing as software-based couriers? It is a real thing, and while there is essentially nothing wrong with it the problem is that many are not upfront with the way they operate.

One way of telling the difference between the two is by the booking methods. A software-based courier has no fleet of their own and will only take bookings online, this is because the system is automated, and it will then select a courier local to your location.

As mentioned, this is not an unreasonable method but it does hand the customer with a lot less control of who is actually taking responsibility for your items – when there is no transparency and it is not made absolutely clear that is more of a referral system, we do not think this is acceptable.

Many businesses rely on knowing who is taking control of their delivery before they make a booking, and there could be several reasons for this. For instance, they may have to make absolutely certain that an item will be received on time, in one piece and they may need it to be trackable.

If these requirements sound like your own, then be aware of who you are booking with. Think of these three considerations, before you take the leap with a software-based company:

  • Does the company vet the couriers they work with? They are under no obligation to do so!
  • Who is responsible for the insurance of your goods? The software-based company, or is liability passed to the courier and so leaves you to deal with any claim that arises?
  • Does the company have any control at all over the couriers? Essentially, the software-based company is a customer – they are not the ones carrying out the pickups or deliveries.

If items that are needed to be delivered are not overly urgent or fragile, then the majority of us would probably make use of cheap overnight networks. However, if your goods are valuable, fragile or urgent then you are going to want the security provided by a dedicated courier service like Speed Couriers. We provide an exceptionally high standard of service and accountability that you can rely on.

In short, if you are looking for couriers and you need the peace of mind that your items are going to arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left you, opt for a trusted provider. Ask yourself if you know who it is you are dealing with, are they trustworthy and they are they easily contactable?

We have built our reputation as a leading courier company not just in Manchester, but all over the country. Fast, reliable and professional courier services are what we are known for. Unlike a software-based solution, you will always be kept informed and our services are completely transparent. Get in touch today, and we can discuss your requirements one-to-one.

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